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Re: Our Tactics

Post by Danos » Tue 28 Sep, 2010 6:13 pm

I think our style of play in the first half was winning the game. We were going forward up the middle, kicking deep, playing with patience etc. In the 2nd half we went away from that almost immediately.. running sideways, going 2 passes wide on the 2nd and 3rd tackle inside our own half, we brought Darius Boyd back into the game whereas we had pretty much nullified him and the first half. The Dragons weren't doing anything differently.

I don't know if it was a tactical change by Sheens or if Benji and Robbie just panicked.

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Post by Magpie Magic » Tue 28 Sep, 2010 8:23 pm

Generally I felt(maybe it was because Sainits were offside alot) that we were far to flat in attack making our fowards easy meat because Saints could compress.

Our newly found defensive and kicking games while great should not be used in front of our attacking game.
All year,I felt our blistering attack did not reach the level of say the end of last year and I thought that Sheens,perhaps with Folkes"s influence may have been grooming the team to cut back on their errors ,get their defence right and then unleash the big plays in the big games.

But except for a little in the Canberra game they just didn"t come.The strengh of our attacking game is not only that it looks good but it wears the opposition down.The grinding game is important but should not be the paramount tactic ,our attacking game should be for as long as we build the team around Farah and Marshall.
I feel we shouldv"e played tactically more like we played against the Roosters in the first 60.

I sat high up near Half way and when in our own half we never got deep.It was a signal of our intentions and it just looked like the Dragons were happy we chose to play their game.

A real top class effort ,but to beat Saints we needed to blow them off the park.I know the refeering made it difficult to do this but from Saints fans and players alike you could see a panic when we went wide.

Its what they least wanted us to do.

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Post by Chipofftheoldblock » Thu 30 Sep, 2010 7:53 pm

Guys, great thread and really positive.
The 3 finals games that we played in have seen this team produced excatly what the coaches game plan was set out to do. Each game plan was tailored to who we were playing.
The roosters game (in my opinion) was the most perfect game plan i have seen excuted by a team (at least until the 65thmin). They kept attacking the roosters right hand edge with great success (okay we didnt score the 3 times we were over the line), they dominated the roosters forward pack both in attack and defence.
Same again against Canberra....played to our strengths, started really strong (again dropped off around 65th min).
Then against the Dragons...we played a very fast up and in defence to cut off the ball players, line speed was very fast (reason why we kept getting penalised) and played patient footy in attack, not over playing our hand however this time around we actually played the full 80 min.
Sheens tactics were perfect for each game (okay still have a problem with his interchange) and the team went out to the field and delivered. I for one, am glad that we have Sheens as our coach and not some else. We play the best brand of footy each game however the players just need to be more consistant and play for the full 80 min not 65-70 min.
Cant wait till next year.

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