Who wins us games and the comp.

Kickoff: Monday 14 March, 7pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Telecast: FOX2 Live
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Re: Who wins us games and the comp.

Post by happy tiger » Mon 14 Mar, 2011 10:12 pm

tiger05 wrote:
happy tiger wrote:
tiger05 wrote:To me Marshall obviously is our no 1 player. Apart from Marshall who is going to win us games.

I think on tonights performance Lui can however he needs to cut the poor options out of his game. Fifita is a weapon and should be the no 3 chosen player every week (behind Ellis & Marshall).

Ellis is another who can win us games.

Farah can do it as well however I think he needs to really focus on simply being steady. Tonights performance wasn't great but he didn't make any crucial mistakes. Marshall also makes mistakes but his mistake to big play ratio is a lot higher than Farah's.

Moltzen is another and he needs to be at fullback. Yes he will stuff it up but he will win us games as well.

Apart from those listed I think Lawrence and Tuqiri if given space and time will win us games.
One word Defense
Forget the cliches - if you can't score points you can't win games. Defense is a key part of the game but our defense wasn't the problem tonight.

You need players who can win games and that bust open good defense ala Benji tonight.
No cliches just simple games plans If we keep teams to under 14- 16 points and we play well what will happen we win .

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Post by barrytiger » Mon 14 Mar, 2011 10:49 pm

tiger tigers wrote:gee ... moltzen has killed it for us when he plays in the number 7 .....but mr sheens likes to stick with lui .....maybe lui could have a crack at fullback .....
Moltzen was injured last year,Lui did a great job at halfback last year,Lui carved up the Roosters last game,it was Moltzens first game back,who would you have picked at Half :roll:

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