Tigers in review

Kickoff: Monday 14 March, 7pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Telecast: FOX2 Live
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Tigers in review

Post by guesty123 » Mon 14 Mar, 2011 9:09 pm

Lui- i thought he was very aggresive in attack but was unlucky he was unable to get the ball off a few times
Dwyer- typical lackluster game, tonnes of missed tackles, hardly any runs.
Fifita and Woods- Both played really well actually aggressive in attack and defence.
Marshall- Poor kicking game,that being said did set up all tigers tries, also scoring one.
Utai- Did he even touch the ball in the attacking third?, that being said atleast he was actually keen to get the ball out of are half.
Farah- really quiet tonight
Ellis, Heigington,fulton- consitent like always
Mckinnon- Did make mistakes but was quite lackluster in attack
Ayshford- consitent like always ashame he doesnt get to see the ball much in the attacking third

Changes for next games from my view: Mitch brown in for Utai, Dwyer out for Moors, Mckinnon out for Moltzen with Murdoch-Musela sliding in on bench

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Post by boonboon » Mon 14 Mar, 2011 9:19 pm

McKinnon - Showed nothing to suggest he should be in first grade and lots to suggest he shouldn't be
Utai - Did some work in our half but missed a key tackle - Brown would be a better option
Lawrence - Was good tonight I thought - looked strong everytime he touched the ball and good in defence
Ayshford - Also had a good game tonight and looks stronger then last year
Tquiri - Good start to the season and will get better
Marshall- Tried hard and was the key to our best plays
Lui - Looks like it could be a great season
Overall I thought our backs outside Mckinnon were good shame about most of the forwards
Heighington - Hardly sighted really dissapointing game
Fulton - Was ok and seemed to be one of the few who wanted the ball
Ellis - Was quiet but good - will be better for the run
Galloway - Dissapointing tonight
Farah -Quiet and didnt have one of his best games
Fifita - The best of the Tigers forwards ran hard tackled hard and looked fitter this year - our experienced forwards could have learnt off him
Woods - Second best forward tonight and looked good in his first game should have got more time
Payten - needed the run but needed more work from him with the ball
Dwyer - Dissapointing in both attack and defence
Moltzen - Only on for a short time and didnt have much opportunity - in saying that he must be better then McKinnon at FB

Overall we looked rusty but not horrible - the forwards really were getting in the way a lot - the amount of times Farah, Marshall or Lui had to hold up a ball because a forward was in the way or just in front of them was wierd , plus our forwards needed to do more work - Backs were good just not much go forward other then when woods and fifita were on

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Post by everett » Tue 15 Mar, 2011 12:34 pm

McKinnon, Utai and Dwyer say hello to State Cup.

Brown to full back

Daniela to wing

Welcome back Gibbs.

Fifita had one of his better games and though Woods was great. Woods needs more game time but I liked what I saw
Living the dream and praying for another premiership

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Post by happy tiger » Tue 15 Mar, 2011 12:47 pm

everett wrote:McKinnon, Utai and Dwyer say hello to State Cup.

Brown to full back

Daniela to wing

Welcome back Gibbs.

Fifita had one of his better games and though Woods was great. Woods needs more game time but I liked what I saw
Doubt Gibbs will be back and Ellis only has 5 days to get over ankle injury doubtful as well

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Post by B B » Tue 15 Mar, 2011 1:00 pm

Sheens won't change the team after one game unless there are injuries. I think the loss will do us good and knock some reality into the team after so many media pundits tipped us to win the comp.

I can't wait to get to leichhardt on saturday night.

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