Benji Captain!!

Kickoff: 7:30pm, Sat 14 May
Venue: ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park
Telecast: FoxSports2
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Re: Benji Captain!!

Post by tigergirlz » Sun 15 May, 2011 1:28 pm

Check the stats!!
Load of rubbish thread. :bash

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Post by tiger05 » Sun 15 May, 2011 1:31 pm

angeman wrote:farah definitely doesn't hit hard Tiger99 and opposition players target him also to get a quick play the ball and get momentum. you're absolutely right and this is why he isn't selected for SOO...

the rest is rubbish. he may not be the best defensive hooker in the game but he is the best in attack which is why we play the brand of football we play. and you don't changed captains at the drop of a hat. plus i do think that the forwards should help him more in defense given that he is playing with back, hip, and groin problems - if that was alan tongue they'd call him inspirational!
A lot of the criticism against Farah is rubbish but so is the argument that he has all these injuries. He is playing and he looks well enough to play. I though he was good last night apart from the regular terrible kick on the opposition line and getting the ball stripped from him. These mistakes had nothing to do with injuries - they were just mistakes.

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Post by Kickme » Sun 15 May, 2011 2:38 pm

t2010igers wrote:Ohhh and one player I left out Mr Dwyer!!! Horrible performance barely sighted in the first half!!!!
You must of watch it on TV or short sighted. OPSM can help you with your problem. :geek:

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Post by tig_prmz » Sun 15 May, 2011 2:54 pm

I am in no way close to the team and only know what the media feeds me.

Farah to me does seem a bit vain and smug. I dont know how true it is, but thats the impression you get of him on TV.
Just giving my opinion though guys..
As for his captainship, I reckon his arrogancy does play a part in how he leads the team. When the team is down, instead of talking them up, he usually puts hands on knees and looks disappointed.
This is just how I see it on TV.

As for Benji, he has matured a lot I reckon and if a change in captain was a MUST, then he would be my first pick.
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Post by steve-o » Sun 15 May, 2011 4:01 pm

crap thread
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