Moltzen starting half

Kickoff: 3pm, Sunday 19 June
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Re: Moltzen starting half

Post by tiger05 » Mon 20 Jun, 2011 7:31 am

underdog wrote:As much as I love the kid, It's getting Harder and harder to like what he does on the field.

Moltzen 2009 is miles better than Moltzen 2011 - He looks like a shadow of his former self, and like people are saying, he is actually BUTCHERING tries, not creating them.

Moltzen 2009 used to smile, and rev himself up.

Moltzen 2011 is always pouting when the camera is on him.

It's not looking good.
This about sums it up for me at this point. He seems to be getting an attitude and on top of that his play has gone backwards.

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Post by jadtiger » Mon 20 Jun, 2011 7:41 am

hybrid_tiger wrote:He was overhyped because we won a few games when he was wearing the #7 jersey after putting up with John Morris for three years. If people watched closely they would realize he has barely no attributes that a quality halfback should have. The only thing he has is speed. No organisional skills, no kicking game.

He is a good ball runner with few ball skills and zero organization skills and he consistently comes up with poor options.As a 7 he has nothing. I couldnt believe it when he deliberately kicked the ball dead yesterday with 2 mins to go and we where 8 points behind.

He needs a lengthy spell in reggies if he is going to salvage his career at the moment he is not first grade standard


Post by mc1991 » Mon 20 Jun, 2011 8:04 am

jadtiger I'm with you..but the problem isn't who you drop down it's who you bring up..I think miller is still a bit off frst grade..hopefully moltzen picks up quickly though..I'd like to think that him starting at halfback was a boost of confidence for him..

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Post by smeghead » Mon 20 Jun, 2011 8:56 am

It was a strange one.

Ellis seemed highly frustrated as he was running lines and Moltzen just wasn't looking at him at times and gave to much ball to players with nowhere to go.

I also fail to understand why we switch from where Lui plays predominatly right with Benji controlling the left to the opposite when Moltz is chosen. I think our attack was lacking cohesion because it turned on its head from how we have palyed all year. It just doesn't make any sense to do this unless Moltz cant pass from left to right properly

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Post by Gary Bakerloo » Mon 20 Jun, 2011 8:59 am

willow wrote:
AmericanHistoryX wrote:i havent read this thread yet - but this guy is still recovering. he needs more time. i'm talking 2012. In the meantime.....
That's the thing, there were a couple of times today when the Tigers had the Storm backpeddling, one particular time in the second half where Moltzen had the ball at 5/8 and there was a bit of a gap that had opened up, but he passed instead...I reckon the Moltzen of 2009 would have thrown a neat dummy, straightened his line and gone through to possibly score. Who knows what position he is training in during the week, but he's not looking settled in any one position he plays in at the moment and that is a problem.

Lui looks to have more options with the ball in hand, but his defence was again poor today, despite being relegated to the bench because his defence is so weak at the moment.
I know the instance you are talking about and he should have run through the gap instead of passing to Ellis. However this comes back to injury and his lack of stability in his position.

When coming back from injury, you can't do everything all at once. You generally focus on one part of your game, get it sorted and then move onto the next. It looked to me yesterday that given he was the half, he focused on defence (which was reasonable) and his distribution which was also solid. Ordinarily, you would let him continue to play half back week in week out and his complete game would return much quicker, but we can't seem to do that. His running game is his strength and edge over Lui, but the running game will be the last facet of his game to return because it requires the highest level of confidence both to take on the line and over ride calls from Farah and Marshall.

Some of you may remember Prince in early 2004. He was returning from his second broken leg and he took some time before he started taking on the line. He focused on distribution, organisation and kicking for the first half of the season. If memory serves me correctly, it was not till the end of 2004 when he really started to play to the form that was evident in 2005-2006.

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