What's up with some of you people?

Kickoff: 2pm, Sunday 12 June
Venue: Mt Smart Stadium, Aukland
Telecast: Ch9 4PM LIVE
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Re: What's up with some of you people?

Post by tiger05 » Tue 14 Jun, 2011 9:22 am

matty tiepie wrote:Everyone is saying our first 60 minutes were terrible but i watched the game again yesterday and we actually were not that bad. our defence was ok bar that 5 minutes that they raced in 2 tries we just didnt have much quality ball and when we did get a bit of posession we blew them away. i am never happy when we play really badly but cant bring myself to bag the players to much. everyone has a right to be unhappy with a team performance bur Geez some of the people on here are a bit over the top!!!
Yep - we weren't that bad.

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Post by Deano1 » Tue 14 Jun, 2011 9:29 am

Personally I don't think on this forum we EVER give any thought to how the opposition played, cause we're too busy bagging our own.

The warriors are a pretty decent side, who play a style similar to ours and can pile on the points. They've also got one of the best second half defensive records in the comp and we put 22 points past em in better than even time!

The team may not be playing perfect football, but they're WINNING!!!!!

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Post by paulgeorge » Tue 14 Jun, 2011 10:08 am

In the rugby league world there are one eyed supporters who can't see out side the square box and there are realistic supporters who can see beyond. If we let a time like the Dragons or Melbourne put on 20 odd points in short time and expect to make a miraculas comeback in a semi or final I think we need to look somewhere else. WE may get away with it the lesser teams, but the tops teams will not let this happens.

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Post by Mothermagpie » Tue 14 Jun, 2011 5:23 pm

Old Bluebag wrote:What's up with some of you people? You've just witnessed a most remarkable comeback in which your/our team pulled off a Lazarus-like (I'm talking Biblical, Not Glen) resurrection and you're too biased against some players to enjoy it. There's one thread bagging Lui, another heaping merde on Beau Ryan, and the usual Moltzen critics raving on. It was a great win and all the boys are to be congratulated. Remember that Rugby League is a team game and everybody contributed. Why don't you sit back and enjoy the moment. Have a glass or two of warming red and bask in that glorious winning feeling?

At last a sensible post. Could not agree more. Sometimes the critism just gets too much!! :sign:

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