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Post by happy tiger » Sat 25 Jun, 2011 11:04 pm

cunno wrote:
tigergirlz wrote:I do not get the idea of a winger taking the first 2 hit ups in a set. I know sometimes the big boys are coming back on side, and if the attackers take the ball up quickly metres can be made. But in reality we lose metres in each set when they do.
This may not be Ryan's fault but a ploy by our coach :crazy
Yes, it would be better to have a dummy half pass to the winger at first receiver if see if that works because at the moment they are easily tackled by the markers who are usually standing where ever they like in the ruck and hence our wingers and fullback are only making small metres or worse being pushed back..
It is easy to pick on our wingers but if you think back at the start of the season and beyond our first choice wingers would of been the TwinTanks Taniela and Tuqiri . They would not be having the issues with yardage and dominant tackles if these two were on the paddock .

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