Is it time to exactly quantify the players value?

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Re: Is it time to exactly quantify the players value?

Post by Harvey » Fri 08 Dec, 2017 4:28 pm

I think they should disclose who is paying the TPA. Can then play join the dots for connections and services back to the club.
Better still those offering TPA's should need to approach the NRL and state the amount and what they are after and the NRL could put forward players that meet the criteria. The criteria could be needs to be based in a particular city (which would favour some clubs) needs to do a set number of hours publicity work (that could be verified)

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Post by TCL » Fri 08 Dec, 2017 4:55 pm

Publish their salaries I say. if the players don't like their salaries been published they could could get a weekday job and earn between 50 to 150k. Hey some of them may even earn more than that but no body would who they are and what they earn except the tax man!

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Post by Earl » Fri 08 Dec, 2017 5:54 pm

I reckon this can be handled really easily.

1. Set a cap on payments to any player under the age of 18.
2. Institute a draft for any player who is a free agent. The player names their price and the first club from the lowest placed club up who meets their payment gets the player. If the salary isn't met then they go back to the draft and they have to decrease their price. The process continues until they get picked up.
3. The salary cap gets managed via some objective salary amount. Something like a SOO player is worth 500K and so on. There can be some leeway here between the NRL and the clubs.

That takes away the obvious scams with players leaving clubs and ending up elsewhere. The only real problem is point 1 because that is where clubs will try and scam players but when this happens it should hopefully be more transparent and the NRL needs to come down hard on it. It's also less likely to cause an issue because heaps of kids don't come good.

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