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Re: 272 players

Post by Tiger Steve » Thu 26 Jul, 2018 8:53 pm

happy tiger wrote:
Thu 26 Jul, 2018 4:55 pm
innsaneink wrote:
Thu 26 Jul, 2018 4:20 pm
Clearyweareone wrote:
Thu 26 Jul, 2018 2:17 pm
I love rugby league to watch but no way would my son be able to play it.

Soccer is a boring game to watch but great for players of all shapes and sizes to play.

Rugby League and AFL will never complete with soccer at junior level.

My son is built like a stick but is able to play A grade under 9's soccer.

Unless junior rugby league changes to weight rather than age then you may see more parents receptive to allowing their children to play.
Is it his decision or do you decide for him?
You may be surprised - if he is keen he might not struggle despite being on the light side.
Kids that are pushed into doing something theyre not keen on (and I saw many while my son was playing) probably wont enjoy it or cope.
You never know.
I will totally back Ink up on this one

Smallest young man on my son's team is the best , gutsiest defender in our side , round their ankles all day like a rabid ferret

And he has been the smallest all the way through , plays 9

If he is keen to have a go let him do it , maybe start him playing touch first , help with the fundamentals of the game

But then again if he is a real good soccer player , stick to it , we need some superstars to lead us to our first World Cup title in 2030
It’s the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight. Give your young fella a go mate - it’s your prejudice holding him back. My young fella was tiny but very tenacious - killed it!
“Peanuts! Get ya peanuts - in the shell or sugar coated!” Leichhardt memories.

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