The negatives and the positives

Kickoff: 7.35pm Friday 5 August
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium
Telecast: Ch9
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Re: The negatives and the positives

Post by smeghead » Sat 06 Aug, 2011 11:33 am

Positive. I tipped the exact score in the tipping comp :)

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Post by diedpretty » Sat 06 Aug, 2011 11:35 am

stryker wrote:Dragons defense was outstanding tonight. many times during the game I said, they are like a wall.

We capitalised on Sowards injury for Marshals try and the ball going through Ellis's hands gave us Beaus. other then that the sides were very evenly matched.

Thats why it was a good win McDougal. They most definetly turned up to play.
I have to agree Stryker - i don't think there would have been too many teams who would have scored a point against the dragons - also i our defence was outstanding and certainly showed some glaring deficiencies in the dragons offense - if you have them kicking from their own half all the time and bring the ball out without mistakes you are half way there to beating them - they just don't have the strike players to score long range tries in tight games.

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Post by turnstyle » Sat 06 Aug, 2011 11:46 am

smeghead wrote:The big positive for me was the patient, structured football that seems to be our go to.

Farahs pick up in form also is great to see.

Utai made some bad decisions but how can you not like the start our sets get off to with him there
great post - totally agree.
and tigergirlz, i had to have a chuckle when robbie caught (weyman?) offside after i criticised him for constantly trying this on here last week!

btw, marshall wasn't an overall negative. great backing up to score that try. that guy is fast man...

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