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Re: Lui

Post by cktiger » Sat 06 Aug, 2011 10:45 pm

bp tiger wrote:
cktiger wrote:Couldn't tackle his grandmother if she had a yard either side of him.
Cost us a try.
Made a couple of runs - still a reserve grader.
Still ,one of his better games gets him 6 out of 10 :righton:
dont know what u want from a 1/2 back, but lui was damn good last nite kicking game was great and he attacked the line, better the moltzen and better than anyone we have, get over it. :bash
All that tells us is we must be pretty badly off for halfbacks
First thing I want in a half is consistency - not 2 ok games out of 18
Second is someone who can organise the attack - Lui doesn't
Third is someone who can tackle - Lui can't
Fourth is someone with speed - Lui would be even slower than Orford
Fifth is someone who can do more with the ball than be a link in a passing chain or try to copy his five eighth - sound like anyone you know?
Hard to get over that bp :brick:

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Post by tig_prmz » Sat 06 Aug, 2011 11:12 pm

Always been a fan of Lui.
In a team dominated with stars, he provides the stability required.
He also has the attack needed when stars have an off game.
His long kicking IMO is the best in the club.
Defence needs working, but gee Fulton has not let him be isolated and last few weeks, when Lui charges out of the line, he stops the backline plays, sometimes he doesn't complete the tackle, but he slows them so the defence can scramble. thats where the missed tackles mostly come from IMO. Even this game, he missed 7 tackles. It really didn't look that way live.
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Post by bonstonker » Sun 07 Aug, 2011 10:53 am

lui and his form had gone into a steep decline this year.but when you are not completing sets you don't get as many opportunities,so then you tend to overdue things with limited ball.
since the team has cut down the silly errors lui has become alot more stable.
but the last month i have been pretty happy.
against the cowboys i thought his kicking game played a big role in the win.
i don't get why farah and benji have done the majority of kicking since then.

by no means is lui perfect,but i think he is taking steps in the right direction the last month.
as the team performance has improved,so has his.
the concern is when team performance improves but your own personal play is still lagging.

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Post by batboy » Sun 07 Aug, 2011 11:17 am

Halves always struggle when they are not getting the room they need. as much as I love Simo, I think when he and Rob were on the same side in D... There was just a bit too much inexperience there. Fults is a tackling machine and covering Lui well.... It makes this side a little less appealing for the Opp. The less work he does in D the more confident i think he will get it, I know it sounds strange... But having a Great defender like Fults behind him, will let him put more pressure on the ball carrier... And slowing the play as opposed to being relied on to shut it down...which is starting to happen.
If you watch Rob lui closely he does have a really good read on the game.
The way we shut down the Halves against Manly was outstanding, Possibly the quietest game Foran has had all year.... Thank God!!

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Post by 1/4 chicken,chips » Sun 07 Aug, 2011 11:20 am

Not many halfbacks can turn it on when their forwards are getting rolled.The Wests forward pack has started to aim up and Lui is looking better for it .D has never ever been Luis strong point.

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Post by Properossi » Sun 07 Aug, 2011 11:27 am

1/4 chicken,chips wrote:Not many halfbacks can turn it on when their forwards are getting rolled.The Wests forward pack has started to aim up and Lui is looking better for it .D has never ever been Luis strong point.
Thanks very much 1/4 chicken and chips here i am struggling with my first hangover in a vary long time and now i want a 1/4 chicken and chips! its all your fault

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