It has to be said

Kickoff: 7:30 PM, Friday 9 September
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Telecast: Ch 9 LIVE
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Re: It has to be said

Post by alien » Mon 12 Sep, 2011 7:57 pm

Goose wrote:
alien wrote:I don't really like Utai on the wing either. He can return the ball hard but he is hopeless under the high ball and it takes him too long to turn when they do grubbers behind him.
Im in the same boat, he has been good running the ball out of our own 20 all year, but feel he is too limited.

Beau has secured his wing spot, Lote has the other clearly, So I guess that leaves Brown vs Utai for the bench spot.

Raffle it.....they both have pro's and con's
Yep. I think Brown because he seems to make less mistakes, in defense and attack, and he is faster.

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