That last try was not a try

Kickoff: 7:30PM Friday 16 September
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium
Telecast: Ch 9 LIVE
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Re: That last try was not a try

Post by RatedRKO » Tue 20 Sep, 2011 5:36 pm

simonthetiger wrote: who was the video ref anyway?
I'd like to know this too.
Tigerdave wrote:so, the consensus seems to be moving towards that it wasn't a try 2 years on the trot we've had the rough end of the stick in finals?
Third year lucky, right?
TigerMc wrote:.
Hayne lacked the kahunas to make the call in last years Grand Final qualifier (Smith knees on Lote) that gives us a major shot at taking the lead in the dying minutes
He hates us, and I return the favour.

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Mrs T
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Post by Mrs T » Tue 20 Sep, 2011 6:11 pm

The video refs were Sean Hampstead and Paul Simpkins.

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