close to the worst outside backs in the comp.

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Re: close to the worst outside backs in the comp.

Post by mtd » Tue 27 Mar, 2012 2:00 pm

milford_magic wrote:Close to the worst outside backs in the comp. I will excuse Lawrence, who Is all class and finding his feet after last year, but the others are terrible.

I would swap every single player in the Tigers outside backs (1-5) for every single one of Canberras. Of course id keep Lawrence, but even Joel Thompson isnt far behind him. The rest I would swap in a heartbeat. Guys like Reddy and Ryan, they do nothing wrong but they sure as hell dont win you games generally (Im aware Ryans done a few plays in recent times at the death. Dont get me wrong, these guys arent doing anything wrong, Ryan has been one of our better backs, but thats cause we are accepting mediocrity. And then theres Ayshford, the most overated forum player ever. The guy has one great game vs NZ last year, and then a few ok games, and people tell you he should play rep footy. Hell if Tigers fans supported the Raiders, theyd be saying 7+ guys from that team tonight should be playing origin.

The fact is these guys are all too slow. Its not what these guys are doing wrong (even though Ayshford is doing alot wrong...Ryan/Reddy arent), its what THEY CANT DO. These guys are all safe footballers with no spark. If It was Ryan, Ayshford, Reddy, who picked up that ball Croker did before half time, would any of them of made it 30 metres??? If those three had been given the ball with space to work like the Raiders were tonight, would they of done anything?? No, cause these guys dont have the spark or pace. And I dont know if an aging Tuquiri changes the world either.

Unfortunately theres very little in the squad too replace, but in the future Id much rather swap guys like this for players who are a little raw but have some pace and spark in them. I feel bad for someone like Marshall having to work with players like this, give him a decent backline and hed be twice the player.
you lost me when excusing lawrence...

he has been the worst of the lot... injury or not, he is playing like rubbish in attack... he has absolutely no spark in him at the moment, none what so ever.. zilch.. nulla... nothing... zero... he has had plenty of opportunities to hit the ball hard and break the line but he is blowing them by dordling with the ball..

i am all for him 'finding his feet'... but he doesnt even look close.. at this rate we will be waiting till round 24 for him to pull it out..

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Post by Merlot Tiger » Tue 27 Mar, 2012 2:10 pm

Couldn't agree more. Lawrence has been bloody aweful. The way he's been playing, I would rather put Reddy in there. Ayshford's looking more like a back rower every game. Those long range tries last night by the Raiders came from missed tackles by our backs. Very poor indeed.

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