Raudonikis fires broadside at 'horrible, pathetic' Tigers

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Raudonikis fires broadside at 'horrible, pathetic' Tigers

Post by willow » Wed 28 Mar, 2012 7:28 am

Raudonikis fires broadside at 'horrible, pathetic' Tigers
March 28, 2012

WESTERN SUBURBS legend Tommy Raudonikis has ripped into Wests Tigers over their loss to Canberra, describing it as disgraceful, horrible and pathetic, and blasting the players as dreadfully soft and not worthy of being in first grade.

''I'm 62 next month and I've had a quadruple bypass, but if I couldn't tackle better than those blokes last night I'd be embarrassed,'' Raudonikis said of the 30-16 loss by the Tigers against Canberra at Campbelltown Stadium on Monday night.

Even for Raudonikis, who has delivered some world-class sprays over the years and only last week said the Tigers would have to be crazy and/or desperate to sign Willie Mason, who ''wouldn't blow wind up Gareth Ellis's arse'', this was out of the top drawer.

" I don't think any of the guys walked off with a scratch last night" ... Tommy Raudonikis.

Referring to a Tigers outfit that, according to NRL Stats, made just 923 metres compared to Canberra's 1654, missed 48 tackles against 15 and conceded 12 line breaks while making just two, Raudonikis barked: ''It was disgraceful. For professional footballers, they were very, very ordinary.

''I've got no idea how they could play like that. Maybe it's like society in general today - there are a lot of soft people, and some footballers are spoiled and think they are superstars. But they were supposed to be the premiership favourites before the season kicked off.

''You try to put your finger on it and you can't work it out, but I know that on last night's performance they're not even first-graders. Wests Tigers had some players out, but so did Canberra, so you can't use that as an excuse. They were bloody horrible, pathetic.''
"It was disgraceful. For professional footballers, they were very, very ordinary"

Raudonikis said he had been invited to attend the game between Wests Tigers and South Sydney at Allianz Stadium on Sunday, as part of the heritage round.

''I'll be there,'' he said. ''I've strained my hamstring, training to do the Kokoda Track, but I might get a game if I put my hand up. I couldn't do any worse. Maybe my old mate Roy Masters can play outside me at five-eighth.''

Raudonikis said the Tigers owed their fans a massive improvement against the Rabbitohs.

''They're getting paid big money, so they've got to cop the criticism,'' he said. ''They've got to aim up this week. They owe the fans everything.

''I don't think any of the blokes walked off with a scratch last night. I want to see a few bloody noses and black eyes and cuts. They should be putting their heads where they're not meant to go. I hope I'm not going down there for nothing on Sunday.''

Steve Roach, a former great from Balmain, the other club that formed the Wests Tigers joint venture along with the Magpies, also registered his disappointment at the performance. But he said he felt there were mitigating circumstances.

''You can lose other players, but you can't lose Robbie Farah and not expect it to make a big difference,'' Roach said. ''He touches the ball more than anyone and without him the Tigers looked rudderless last night.

''Of course I'm disappointed, and what bothered me was the players' body language at times. It looked like they weren't into it. But I did feel for the young blokes at prop [Aaron Woods and Matt Groat]. It was hard for them, and when Keith Galloway comes back [from injury] it will make a huge difference.''

Tigers coach Tim Sheens last night named his team for the game against Souths, and there were some key changes.

Young halfback Jacob Miller is gone and Tom Humble will start. Joel Reddy has gone from wing to centre, Blake Ayshford from centre to the bench and Lote Tuqiri is back from injury to play on the wing. Matt Bell will start at prop, with Groat coming off the bench.

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Post by westTAHger » Wed 28 Mar, 2012 10:54 am

tommy speak's his mind and is not worried about upsetting/hurting players feelings.
I have no doubt the if players, were spectators like us, they would be peeved as well.

they get paid to play footy.

we have jobs, mortgages, and then are expected to pay to watch them. :roll:
Basil, our rescue dog, is wondering when wests tigers will win 25 - 18 :D

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