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Help with junior footy info (Numbers per team )

Posted: Sat 01 Feb, 2014 7:57 pm
by happy tiger
Wondering if someone might be able to help me with some info regarding numbers per age group

My young fella has played up an age in the past as he misses qualification due to the fact he is born on the 7th January

The reason he plays up is all his mates from school are in that side

Wife went today to register him (I was working ) and the club has told her due to the fact they have x amount of kids (18-19 she was told ) that he will have to play in his own age group

I've been of the QJRL website and can't see any rules in regards to numbers

Poor bugger is so disappointed , he wouldn't care if he only got half a game as long as he was playing with his mates

So after all this my question is this Are there rules in regards to numbers per team in Junior sides ?? (Under 11 )

What pisses me off more than anything is one of the same people who told the wife this , quite happily hit me up for some sponsorship (which was provided $1000 ) and waits until now to say anything about this

And to add insult to injury my Brother In Law was their major sponsor for at least 15 years and only isn't now because he retired recently

Rugby League clubs can be some biggest mongrels known to man , 1 piece of advice I will give to any up and coming footballers is get anything an official says to you in writing

Re: Help with junior footy info (Numbers per team )

Posted: Sat 01 Feb, 2014 9:02 pm
by innsaneink
Each district I reckon would have their own rules

As for waiting until now to tell you after taking your sponsorship $$$, well they wouldnt know until rego day what the numbers would be like would they?

I remember one year -Balmain jnrs- my son was in 14s, we looked like having to have two very skinny squads due to excess numbers that year in that grade at our club, we manged to trim it to the required number for one squad during preseason training and trials before the due date...cant recall figures ecxactly

Each district would vary....maybe if they get enough numbers to get two teams in u/11s for 2014 he'll be sweet to play...providing the 10's arent short

Peter Wallace had to leave Penrith district for a year or two to be able to play with mates in a higher division...played for Carlingford for a bit

Ive seen kids play together with mates for years and then all of a sudden an influx of players one season sees two teams in the same grade, club decides to grade the players based on talent into A's & B's or greens & golds or whatever their club calls them, Billy & johnny get split & the tears then flow and mums & dads get pissed...happens all the time

Similar thing happened in his union playing up or down a grade as little kids then get to reps age and get selection and even have to leave the club to play in their own grade as the club didnt have a team in that grade

Re: Help with junior footy info (Numbers per team )

Posted: Sat 01 Feb, 2014 9:49 pm
by happy tiger
You could be right Ink in regards to numbers

But a few things just don't add up ,this year the Under 11's go up to Townsville to play in the PJ Marsh Cup

Ran into other players parents weeks ago ,saying had we got the invite and would we be going

They wouldn't have known weeks ago what numbers they were going to get , before registration day

More than likely a lot of kids are coming from other clubs to be coached by our sides two coaches , they are bloody good

If he does play under 10's he might get lucky and get coached by his second ex NRL player in 3 years

Mark Hohn coached the Under 9's last season

Weren't any tears , just lots of pouting

Thanks for the input Ink