Sheens....a man of vision

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Re: Sheens....a man of vision

Post by 1/4 chicken,chips » Sat 07 Apr, 2012 3:37 pm

underdog wrote:Sheens isn't the problem here - you can see the structures and plays in motion, and you can see the boys muscled up in defense..

Call me crazy but Meaney played Lock for most of the game as well - and probably had his best ever game ive ever seen him play in First Grade.

as Chris Lawrence alluded to in a recent interview. - individual performances are letting us down.
SO who would Chris be referring to i wonder ?

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Post by 1974semifinal » Sun 08 Apr, 2012 9:28 am

I love this thread..'Sheens ..a man of vision '..This man has been making bizarre selections since 2006 and its finally catching up with him.

But after watching Gibbs and Fifita last night for Cronulla against StGI I have had enough. The cutting of these two to allow for Blair ( who has no particular size, height,speed or work ethic) and to sign Woods and Groat for the future ( I would say Fifita's future looks more promising than Groat's) is just too much. Management keep saying he, Blair, will come good and everything is rosy in the camp. But looking from the stands, I have to disagree. From now on I will watch with interest, but until Sheens leaves that is all I will be doing.

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Post by happy tiger » Sun 08 Apr, 2012 9:54 am

Pistol_Pete wrote:Brain dead tactics:
- running into the markers with that cross play
- having fulton hit it up off our own line
- the blind side scrum plays
- running soft
- the worse than u6s kicking game
-inability to wrap the ball up
shall i continue ??

These aren't new issues they have been around for years and years
OK I can answer a few of these questions for you Pistol Pete Got a Pen and piece of paper ready

The reason we run back into the markers is for a few reasons It compresses the defensive line and usually results in quicker play the balls which gives the backs more room and space It also works over the markers so they can't make back to back tackles and tires the defensine line

Seeing Fulton is one of our most mobile forwards you will find after a kick he will always be one of the first to take a hit up As I have said in the past if you added 15kg to his frame he would be another Brad Clyde

Not sure what you mean about running soft , but if you mean turning when they hit the line they are trying to create second phase , which most on here would agree is when we can be at our most dangerous A lot of people are having a shot at Blair ,the amount of times on Friday night he got his hands free to offload and nobody was there 3-4 that I clearly remember

Totally agree with not wrapping the ball up we are not coping with this at all , lack of experience and the fact these guys are learning diferent tackling styles which help with the wrestle could also be a reason

Kicking game again agree it is pretty bad , but that also comes back to field position as i said in another thread at times we were kicking from our own 30 metres If you expect to have a good kicking game from this area of the field you are kidding yourself

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Post by 1/4 chicken,chips » Sun 08 Apr, 2012 10:09 am

if fulton had another 15 kgs hed be a brad clyde.hmmmm
So why can a smaller dene halatau bend his opposition when he runs the ball up ?
as for running back into the markers and compressing the D line ,when do we ever get fast play the balls ?
And dont we have a guy who can kick a ball 50 metres and find the grass ?
30 metres in a set comes from soft slow runs from dummy half.

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