Joel Reddy

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Re: Joel Reddy

Post by Russta » Sun 20 May, 2012 9:39 pm

Reddy's playing fine.It's Moltzen who should be worried.He drops more ball than an under 8 with one arm.Maybe they should threaten to send him to the Dragon's, that worked last year.

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Post by Stripes96 » Sun 20 May, 2012 9:43 pm

GoldXR50Leroy wrote:
jason1976 wrote:It's hard to stomach any Parra rejects in a Tiger's jumper. Hopefully we get back to full strength soon as I think they'll struggle to even get s look in then.

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Crikey, you must have a very short term memory, the resurgence of the the Tigers came on the back of Parra rejects, in fact 2 of them should be still running around for the Wests Tigers but they are currently starring in the ESL, by the way, both of them were part of the 2005 NRL Premiership!.
Let's hope that it's a recurring trend.

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Post by Flippedy » Sun 20 May, 2012 10:49 pm

Stripes96 wrote:
happy tiger wrote:When we are full strength with a fully functioning back line I think Reddy will make the perfect bench player
I agree, as surely Shifty is not dumb enough to persist with Rowdy in the 6, and Ayshford is finally getting some kind of form back, Reddy may find himself in the 14 jumper. Whether Sheens will drop Utai, Lote or sacrifice a forward to keep them both in the side is anyone's guess, however...

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I wouldn't be putting my house on that one, Stripes :lol:
Sooner or later, next year has to be this year - Ricksen

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Post by jirskyr » Mon 21 May, 2012 11:21 am

This is an odd thread, I've thought all year that Reddy's defence was superior to his attack. Sure he missed a last-gasp tackle, out of position, in a fluke Warriors play, but that's not much to develop a reputation from.

He took Hurrell in a good 1-1 earlier in the half which could just as easily be over-emphasised.

I think Reddy is a good solid first grader but lacks the speed and power to do much damage in attack from centre. He took a dummy run late in the second half that was pure fairy floss.

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Post by Goose » Mon 21 May, 2012 2:31 pm

Reddy has been very good all year. Missed a bad tackle when the game was won, it happens. Everyone that has ever played the game has missed an easy tackle that has led to a try at some stage, what we all hope for is that our mistakes dont cost us.

I believe that of the 3 centres we have, Reddy is prob going the best of the lot of them. I dont think I could bring myself to drop either Lawrence or Ayshford tho

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