Notes I took while watching

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Re: Notes I took while watching

Post by pHyR3 » Mon 10 Mar, 2014 9:14 am

supercoach wrote:Discipline was their undoing. Warm to hot day and you give the other team set after set and yes your defense will turn into a rabble. Physically they hit the wall early and that resulted in the game falling in a heap. Farah was out on his feet at oranges, maybe the battle the team had with infection took a big toll. It also has to be noted we were down a interchange player for a long time.

I was their at the game and yes they were terrible but way to early to be cutting my wrists

Ps. Anasta has to be flicked
agree 100%. I'd give Anasta 1 more week, but after that he's gone. Brooks was just as poor as braith, but im not gonna flick him.
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Post by tigerlogic » Mon 10 Mar, 2014 9:19 am

fergiefurr wrote:I don't get the gavet raps, I don't care how big and fast you are, if you can't tackle you shouldn't be in first grade. His defence is downright disgraceful. BMM straight in for him please.

BMM is an edge player, gavet played tight. So this is the wrong substitute, Galloway is the one due back

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Post by formerguest » Mon 10 Mar, 2014 10:21 am

Hope to have a look at a replay tonight to confirm my thoughts from the ground.

We got the first couple of penalties for inside the ten when we were fresh and from then on Saints continued to take the odds and I don't recall another being blown.

Early on it was noticeable that we were playing much more direct and structured style in attack. We seemed to waiver from that disciplined approach around the fifteen to twenty minute mark. Could have coincided with losing Fulton as well, and we certainly missed him on a hot day.

Sitting in bay 404 above our right edge defence was the best vantage point at the ground to see poor Koro's total ineptness in defence. He has absolutely no idea how to deal with any situation that confronts him. He is that bad, that I would just about rather the big sauce defending there.

Seemed to me a couple of players were in front of the kicker and in Brooks face when he spilled a kick that came on the back of another Farah penalty. They soon scored another try and continued a run of possession.

Tedesco played well, but threw a stupid flick pass when stopped and three or so defenders around on the first tackle of a repeat set at their line. Together with a run of penalties, this then took more juice out of us.

Gavet went well in a long stint that carried over into the second half, but seemed tired late in the game during his second stint The late miss on Rein was not good, but a front-rower being stepped by a winger when his fellow defender is not in position is only natural. IMO what others may consider more missed tackles only seem that way because the guy makes an effort to get across.

Getting long now so- not Farah's and others best games, was expecting a bit more from last years young forwards and Cory off the bench, Taupau did not get that much game time?, could still do with a runner in the halves, and need Keith, Tim and David in this week.

We will learn from that and I don't think it will define our season. Better times ahead

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Post by laufoofan » Mon 10 Mar, 2014 7:34 pm

Gavet was the best forward yesterday. Though raw, he gave it all he had which was a lot better than the rest. Woods, a seasoned player was ineffective. We need him and Nathan Brown on the field to have a bit of agro in our pack , other wise, we are only a pack of pussy cats.

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Post by LCA » Tue 11 Mar, 2014 6:25 pm

Thanks for a reasoned assessment, formerguest. I must have been sitting very close to where you were and made similar observations. I would add another one though; we cant have Patterson and Lawrence on the same side of the park in attack. Neither looked capable of throwing a decent pass. Lawrence is a bit of a liability I think. His reading and timing in defence is suss, at best, and he needs not just a "good" ball but a "great" ball to get him through the defensive line. Patterson was shocking at providing that. Not his skill I think?

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