Hoeters defense

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Hoeters defense

Post by Goose » Sat 06 Jun, 2015 1:28 pm

A lot when a player gets panned on the forum, i feel it is often not their fault. Sometimes they are filling a role or the person at the end of a system being beaten.

Unfortunately with Hoeter he is really struggling defensively at Centre, I understood he hasn't played much there and all that, but it needs to change.

He copped a bath against the Roosters and Naiqama struggled with him.
Last night was worse, directly responsible for 2 tries and involved in a third. Richards was all at sea outside him again.
I think Hoeter 's lack of confidence in defense decision making , results in poor communication and the players not working together.
We are much better off playing someone like Lovett in the role.

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Post by mightymagpie » Sat 06 Jun, 2015 1:41 pm

Yep our centres are really struggling in defence. Now that Lawrence seems to have found his spot in the forwards who are our best centres?
Looking purely on their defensive abilities I'm not entirely convinced about Simona and Nofa seemed to struggle as well the other week.
Hopefully Nofa will improve when fully fit and gets a few games under his belt. He's great with the ball though.
Having seen Simona, Nofa and now Milone I think we need some experience there. Or put Lovett back out there.

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Post by tig_prmz » Sat 06 Jun, 2015 1:47 pm

Saw it from the first game. Just doesn't seem confident. Comparing him to Manai, he started running the ball from the first set. He wanted to make an impact- hoeter seems content just going through the motions and I personally don't like it from a rookie.

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Post by spearby » Sat 06 Jun, 2015 3:27 pm

what defense but he wasn't santa had a lot of mates

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Post by alexaki » Sat 06 Jun, 2015 4:04 pm

We are lucky we signed Simona... Our centers are crap

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