CEO Update - Justin Pascoe..December..

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Re: CEO Update - Justin Pascoe..December..

Post by happy tiger » Fri 19 Jan, 2018 10:45 am

TrueTiger wrote:
Tue 16 Jan, 2018 9:14 pm
goldcoast tiger wrote:
Tue 16 Jan, 2018 5:31 pm
I’d agree about the one home ground bit. But I think a big part of our problems as a club is that we are innefective as an NRL club, both most of the fans as well as Clubs seem to think of us as not essential to the Nrl, I know that the in junior club that I’m involved in, a lot think that way.
My son still has a lot of mates in several Nrl clubs, and this subject has come up frequently whenever a few of them get together.
He’s been a Tigers supporter since he could walk, but has stopped defending them over the last few years, not because of losing, but because he has started to agree with the comments about the running of the club
Maybe the more favoured clubs are looked upon more favourably because they are perceived as being more successful on a regular basis, and look like a better investment.
We’re all hoping that the club can climb out of the hole that it’s dug itself, and get higher up on the ladder, and even more importantly, Stay There!!
There’s a whole lot of pressure on Cleary for a better season,both from supporters and the club itself.
Hopefully he will be as good as we want him to be.
I think the club has a fair way to go before people will be willing to throw money at it like they do at some other clubs.
We can only hope,
Well GCT,I completely agree with your post...the one main point I will totally stand by is the hole the club has dug itself in,over the years we have been so badly managed that we now find ourselves in the situation we are in because of that poor management..since our inception we have spent poorly,overspent on players and offered huge money to juniors without NRL experience..can we overcome this huge hurdle placed infront of us?of course we can,but from now on the whole club has to be very smart on how they do things,getting Ivan on board was one of the best things they have done and now it must start becoming a business and a quality NRL side to even get close to finals football.
This year is the rise of the Tigers,but they must become a complete professional outfit on the field and off the field..
Amazing how people forget your off field issues when you are having on field success

That's where the answer lies , winning footy games , bringing big crowds to all home games and playing finals footy

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