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Tiger Watto
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Re: Marshall

Post by Tiger Watto » Mon 05 Jul, 2010 1:46 pm

Man.... This is a tough one!

On one side of the coin you have this brilliant exponent of Attacking Football and is well loved by many fans. On the other, you have a guy who doesnt play structured football and doesnt seem to be able to communicate with great excellence. Every Team in the comp would buy Marshall, I suppose they think they will get a better footballer out of him.

Tim Sheens, start managing this guy. I understand coaches dont win/lose football games, but they must be accountable for the team structure and discipline!!!
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Post by MGB » Mon 05 Jul, 2010 3:59 pm

The way to manage Benji is put a decent organising half beside him and let him do what he does best, which is make it up as he goes along.

Alf Duguid
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Post by Alf Duguid » Mon 05 Jul, 2010 4:04 pm

I pine for the days when we had Leo Dynevor leading the side around the paddock. He would be the perfect foil for Benji

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Post by Centaur » Mon 05 Jul, 2010 5:34 pm

Sometimes I question whether he actually practices the simple things like passing and kicking. Is he being too complacent? "I don't need to practice those things because I am Benji Marshall..."

I am not sure. But on the other hand I wouldn't be surprised.

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Post by izotope » Mon 05 Jul, 2010 6:37 pm

saying it for a few weeks now, for the last 6 or so games he has been hesitant to hit the line. whereas the first half of the year he was hitting it at speed and going great guns...

maybe this is because of no halfback, maybe lui passes bad!

once he starts running into the line again he will start breaking it left, right and centre

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Post by Tigermac » Mon 05 Jul, 2010 8:00 pm

hybrid_tiger wrote:I've defended him alot, but he is really starting to s*** me this year.

Playing halfback or not how many **** times does he throw forward passes, kick straight down the throat of the opposing wingers and fullback, kick out on the full (did not happen tonight surprisingly) or kick on the first or second tackle and give away possession.

Much like our coach, it seems he will never learn. Deja-vu, week after week.

I hear you hybrid, sometimes I cringe when he gets the ball, but I love Benji.

I think I am one of those supporters that the Benji knockers on this forum really hate.

I know he does alot of stupid things, he frustrates you, he makes you angry, he can be so dam annoying, but that is Benji, and I love love love him.

He WILL win us another premiership, His best is yet to come and we will see it in the next few months!!!!! :twisted:

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Post by MightyMaggy » Tue 06 Jul, 2010 2:12 pm

Gobbs wrote:Take the organiser role away from him. Take the kicking game away from him (in general play) and just let him run. Marshall isn't the player we all know he can be if he plays with structure. He looks uncomfortable, the the side's attack suffers as a result. As a half, be it a halfback or 5/8th, first or second receiver, call it what you can be a good ball player but it doesn't necessarily mean you're a good organiser or leader. Benji isn't. Not yet anyway. Sheens' see's it in him and this may prove to be the case in years to come, but at present he is far from the organiser or leader that can grab the game by the scruff of the neck and dictate the outcome or result. It takes time and comes naturally. It can't be forced or rushed.
When will people realise that Benji does not have the personality to be an organiser. After the number of seasons he has been playing at the top level, it is clear he is not a orgainser-leader at the moment and may not ever be.
Just have a look at games, when he was at his real best. He had a good organiser inside him (Scott Prince), so Benji could use his step and pace by beating his opposite by running straight and then set up his support. Prince was also our main kicker, so Benji did not stuff his game with poor kicking.
If he was allowed to get back to the things he does best, he would still be our best player.

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