just an average footy team

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Re: just an average footy team

Post by happy tiger » Sun 13 May, 2012 9:34 pm

MightyMaggy wrote:
westTAHger wrote:even though the team is not performing to its capabilities, they have won 3 in a row.if they were that crap, they would not have won as many in a row.

yes some games have been decided by one point, at worst give them credit for thinking of taking that one point.
one point which has ensured two wins.( why they did not go for this against rabbitohs when 12 in front still annoys me)

yes could be alot better, and alot worse.

must admit not happy with what we have seen, and no doubt we all had fairly high expectations, in off season and season start.the team will finish 6th or better. we all know its a rollercoaster ride, following wests-tigers.

they need player position stabliity.
once this happens good results will flow
Against the THREE BOTTOM TEAMS in the competition.
Titans may be a bottom three team , but the last two weeks they haven't played like a bottom three side

They've also beaten Manly at Brookvale They're a better side than you give credit at full strength

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