How bad has Blair got to play to be dropped?

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Re: How bad has Blair got to play to be dropped?

Post by cktiger » Wed 20 Jun, 2012 11:45 am

magpiecol wrote:
brett_empire wrote:There are plenty of options better than Blair !!!
Bell has proved he can play big minutes in the backrow. I don't mind Blair playing whilst we are short of troops, but you can bet your life that Sheens names him to start when Heigno, Ellis, Fulton are fit.
It's a classic case of Moneyball, Blair is over priced and over rated, worst tackling technique, poor handling and zero discipline.
Could he possibly play off the bench in the front row for about 30mins? I'm sure he played front row under Bellamy at times. Could swap roles with Bell ? I'd even prefer Joel Reddy play in the back row to be honest. I'm not even convinced he's more effective than BMM and Moors, hell i'd give Cashmere a run!! Leave Groat exactly where he is however, Shocker !!
It's unfair to judge someone on one performance yes, but who are we kidding he's been awful most of the year, maybe 1 or 2 'decent' games.
Decision time Sheens !


I am glad that you are not a selector. How many tests has Bell, BMM, Reddy or Cashmere played?

I notice that you did not say anything about Moltzen, who has been playing like a busted all year! Blair did not have the best of games, but who did?
Check out his pass for Lawrence's try and tell me how many players could have done that.

I would lay off the Kool-aid if I was you.
I have a theory.
Moltzen must have stolen your wallet and Blair gave it back!
Can you ever make a comment in any thread without bagging (our leading tryscorer) Moltzen?

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Post by happy tiger » Wed 20 Jun, 2012 11:55 am

Using your theory CK being the highest try scorer makes him a better player , is that correct ??

So Merritt should of won a few Dally M's by now then

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