Starting Lineup (Barring Injuries)


Starting Lineup (Barring Injuries)

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pHyR3 wrote:But blair has the potential to play like he did in 2011, and with his price tag potter can't legitimately not play him in the 17. I reckon he's getting more used to the tiger's style of play (opposite of storm) and potter is making the tigers play more like storm, so blair should have a better season in '13. Potter and co. have made some encouraging statements about his enthusiasm at training, especially in contact which is encouraging considering his biggest problem was hiding from the ball last season.
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Ryde tiger
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My team would kick off with
1 Moltzen with Teddy to take over if Timmy is to timid again.
2. Koro got to give him time
3 Ash needs speed & a bit of a passing game
4 Lawry hope his speed returns
5 Nofo assuming Loti is injured
6 Benji - will somebody give him some sprint training we can't afford for him to be slow & not tackle
7 Miller hope he comes through
8 big Keithy
9 Farrah hope he brings his kicking boots
10 Woods with Bell as a stand in
11 Pethybourne
12 Fulton if not Thompson
13 Anasta hopefully he'll take control on the 5th and get us out of trouble and also looking forward to more repeat sets which will mean less defensive work load.
14 BMM
15 Bell
16 Utai
17 Thompson

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