Potter need to find HIS identity.

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Re: Potter need to find HIS identity.

Post by Cultured Bogan » Sun 17 Mar, 2013 4:50 pm

Hopefully he sticks with a winning formula and keeps Reddy and Pettybourne in the side next week. Utai tries his guts out but the opposition is 12 points better off with Utai there.
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Post by TIGERS » Tue 19 Mar, 2013 1:43 pm

Forget Potter and identity.

The PLAYERS need to be made more accountable for their performances. They're too lazy and they bundy off early in every single game win lose or draw. Has nothing to do with the coach or who is playing where. If the lazy buggers raised their attitude and focus to that of a top class team they'd hardly ever lose. Picking either Matt Utai or Joel reddy is not going to be the change that wins us a comp.

No coach has a magic wand. There is no positional change or trick shot that is going to fix what is wrong at WT. It has to come from the team's will to compete and play for each other. Its all cultural.

Leave Potter alone, he is two games into his NRL Coaching Career.
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Post by kh_canada » Tue 19 Mar, 2013 2:04 pm

A lot of what has been said on this thread is crap.
Moltzen - yes he hasn't performed most of the last 2 seasons + round 1 2013. He was great in the back-end of 09 & 2010 and we sadly haven't seen that skill since. But the effort he put in on Sunday was great to see and I'm hoping we witness more come the rest of the season.
Miller - some of you are going on and on about blooding youngsters yet complain about him not making a 'pop'. Well on Sunday he certainly looked like he made a bigger impact and got more involved, he's still not perfect or where we'd love him to be at but for god sake it's round 2!

One round passes and everyone is so quick to put their 2 cents in. Just give it some time before we evaluate where our coach and players are at. Because we have a new coach does not mean at all we are going to be world beaters. At best it'll take a couple seasons. For eg. It took an excellent coach like Bennett a year to find his feet at the Knights. They were miserable last year, maybe that's how we will be, but how about we wait more than 1 round to criticize.
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