Mick Potter - That was horrible

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Mick Potter - That was horrible

Post by wtigers » Mon 05 Aug, 2013 6:18 pm

Personally, I dont understand how people who are saying "give him time" are throwing out other players so easily and calling them rubbish. Potters not performing as a coach, Benji and Ayshford aren't performing as players. And yet, people keep saying "they're rubbish players and he needs time". He's new to the team, but they're new to the coach. If being unfamiliar with each other is an excuse for one it should be for the other. The growing relationship and understanding between the coach and players aren't only new to the coach - he can't be the only one whose performances are written off under the premise of being new to the situation.

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Post by pHyR3 » Mon 05 Aug, 2013 6:19 pm

Newtown wrote:
pHyR3 wrote:Just want the season to end. If we can get 2 more wins i'll be happy. Bring on the 9's tournament and 2014.
Who are we going to beat if Potter keeps selecting the same prime suspects for the rest of the season?
Eeels and dragons. But not if we play like we did against the titans or manly.

Gary Bakerloo, agree completely we're just like parra except with a tonne of youth coming through and finally some good management. Feel bad for them, they don't have anything going for 'em. Least we can pick and choose some amazingly bright prospects for the coming years and let the crap go. They let the crap go and...that's it no one wants to go there.
''Everybody talks about their four brothers, we have 17 here so we don't really care about them."

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