Live Game Thread vs Eels *Contains Spoilers*

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Re: Live Game Thread vs Eels *Contains Spoilers*

Post by Meevinman » Fri 09 Aug, 2013 10:59 pm

Koro needs to learn how to handle the ball properly.

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Post by pHyR3 » Fri 09 Aug, 2013 10:59 pm

southerntiger wrote:My point is he sucks. He turned an underperforming squad into the worst team in the comp. Excusing him on the basis of inexperience is unacceptable given he has experience. We didnt buy a rookie.

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We came 13th the year sheens joined us. Guess we shoulda sacked him straight away too.
''Everybody talks about their four brothers, we have 17 here so we don't really care about them."

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Post by happy tiger » Fri 09 Aug, 2013 11:05 pm

stryker wrote:
happy tiger wrote:
Yeah winning games 42-38 earns respect doesn't it Stryker ,soon as we couldn't score we became basket cases and if we had to get in the arm wrestle we went to water

That's what you wanted for our club Stryker , and you call yourself a second rower

I want a team who plays smart ,plays tough and makes every team that beats us think " Golly Gosh! ,I hope we don't have to play them again "
Of course thats what I want. I want a team of killers who will smash blokes into the mud and then tell them what they have in store for their women folk after the game.

As for your last sentence, what on earth makes you believe Potter is capable of producing these results?
Because he basically has a bunch of juniors in the forwards that could be anything Remember the old saying mate ,players don't start finding consistency until they hit 50 games

Sue Seumanufangai Buchanan Sironen Gavet have a season or less behind them and a heap of growing and an offseason to get better and stronger

Simona ,Koroibete Nofualuma are babes in the woods and will just get bigger and stronger

People need to be patient with this side , and if we are still running 15th at this stage in 2014 , I reckon Potter will hand the keys over himself but he deserves a go first

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Post by stryker » Fri 09 Aug, 2013 11:09 pm

Your talking about players becoming potential stars...that has F all to do with the coach at this point. We do have a great base coming through. How about we have a bloke in charge who can work with them?

This guy has shown nothing all year, in fact he has been couter productive to their development more than not.

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