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Re: Overall thoughts...

Post by 2041 » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 6:22 am

Boonboon2 wrote:So what your saying is next week you would like to run on our right hand side Nofoaluma at centre who has never played thier and Koroibete at wing on the right hand side where he has never played and even on his preferred side he is the worst defensive winger in the comp. not only do you want to do this you want to do it when on manlys left they have Jamie Lyon the smartest and best centre in the comp and David Williams an experienced and high quality winger whose best qualities are his positioning.

Genius absolute genius what next let's start Fulton and Brooks as props
Lyon plays right side, but otherwise hard to disagree.

Unfortunately the issue with the centres is that there isn't much behind them. It's the same with the bench: playing four big guys there is great provided no-one gets injured (particularly a back). Lawrence was horrible defending on the wing and Richards was almost as bad at full back - suddenly we went from a pretty threatening back line to one with virtually no pace at all and three of whom were playing out of position thus creating plenty of defensive weakness.

Personally I think it's a bit harsh to judge Lawrence on yesterday, when he played out of position for three-quarters of the game. That said, he's offered very little for years now. Unfortunately one of him and Lulia will have to play even with Simona fit - it's just what we have this year and hopefully an area that'll be addressed when we're ready to compete again.

I'm actually still feeling moderately positive. The defence started well yesterday and it was only when their back started running round us and we ran out of troops that it fell apart. The attack never offered much even before Tedesco went off but that'll come - Brooks is obviously not afraid to run the game (just as well as Anasta vanished again as soon as things got tough - did Brooks make every single second half kick?) and the pack should have more good games than bad.

With something dangerous in the centres and Sironen back to fill the ball playing back rower role I think we'd have the basis of a decent side here.

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Post by stevetiger » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 8:10 am

2041 wrote:With something dangerous in the centres and Sironen back to fill the ball playing back rower role I think we'd have the basis of a decent side here.
I think with SImona back in the centres and if our forwards continue as they have been and then Brooks keeps developing we have a pretty good side. We were smashing the warriors and I think we looked the better side until Tedesco went off. Sirro might give us that extra little bit of class as well. I think if we get no injuries and a bit of luck we can compete with most teams in the comp.

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Post by dazza65 » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 8:32 am

Disappointing but I think most people got ahead of themselves after the souths win
Until last week we were still the odds on favorites for wooden spoon and as we develop there will be days like that.
Warriors can put a score on anyone, we (again!) were knocked around by injuries that severely hampered the structure, some (lots) of silly mistakes and a couple of howlers from the refs but if you break it down we were looking good for a big chunk of the game. Given everything we were beaten by a better team ON THE DAY.
Give them time to build , I am sure we will be looking much much better by years end
Besides the storm got shellacked by the dogs so it's not always everyone's day everyday.

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Post by vlad » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 9:54 am

losing a key player from the spine of the team hurts all teams

inglis last week & cam smith last night are good examples

I think storm lost 5 in a row last year when slater didnt play .

if we can keep our best 17 on the park we'll more than compete with any team , as we did in 2005 .

but as the years after 2005 showed , thats easier said than done .

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Post by happy tiger » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 10:15 am

The 15 minutes from the 27th minute until the 42nd minute killed us

We had the ball for 7 tackles in that time

We need to find a way to hang on and limit the damage far better when this occurs This is what is the difference between the Manly and Roosters sides

We ended up conceding 8 tries in 31 minutes

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Post by Cultured Bogan » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 11:12 am

No wrist slitting here yet. We were looking great for 25-30 mins then injuries and a reshuffled backline let the Warriors into the game. Not taking anything away from NZ, they looked great. We showed our youthful inexperience today when the game called for us to grind it out we couldn't guts it out. Lulia still continues to show little with the ball and Lawrence was a liability on the wing, but didn't look too bad beforehand. Nonetheless, some questions need to start being asked about his future. Simona will add some punch next week against Manly.

Blair, Taupau, Gavet and Woods all did their bit and looked good.

I certainly didn't think we'd be 2-2 four rounds in, so there's hope for the year.
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Post by rah53 » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 12:06 pm

Did anyone else notice the game clock for the broadcast & the ground, was out of sync? Before the halftime siren, the broadcast clock went to 40 mins & the Warriors had a couple extra plays. Same at fulltime.

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Post by Magpie Magic » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 3:02 pm

Still reckon we will have a good year.

As other have said refs calls didn't loose it for us but put as out of business.

Loosing Teddy was the turner. Not just him but the positional changes, Pats no FB and Lawrence just when he is trying to find his feet gets moved to the wing.

At the end of the day we couln"t cope with massive ball against us just before and after half time pretty much as in RD1 and just about every other team has been this year under the rule changes.

No bench thought we were tough and competing till the end.

Not experienced enough to adj through games when big positional changes are made.

Hang in there.

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Post by ferret » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 3:44 pm

:crazy Thought was oh Teddy's gone so we got no chance now. They need to toughen up mentally. Woodsy said it last wk when. he was on about we have 17 brothers then play for each other as Brothers. Keep it together.


Post by Guest » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 4:07 pm

innsaneink wrote:I think we'll have more days like today as opposed to days like last week unfortunately
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Post by H-Tozza » Sun 30 Mar, 2014 5:54 pm

Not panicking too much after yesterday....losing 4 players (2 of particular significance) and winning is a tall order for sides with even the best depth and something I wouldn't expect this team do at this stage of its development....

The refereeing certainly didn't favour us but didn't play a big role in the outcome of the game (warriors were by far the better team in all facets from the 30 minute mark onwards).

Yesterday highlighted just how important Teddy is to our cause....we were rudderless and lost in attack when he went off and our only try thereafter came from a Farah barge-over....Really thought it was a good time for Brooks to come into his own after teddy went off and take the game by the scruff of the neck but was a little disappointing and I think its fair to expect rocks and diamonds from him for the next year or so before he matures into the player we all expect him to be....

IMO the first 30 mins yesterday suggested that if Teddy stays fit and healthy this season we'll make the 8 or come very close to doing so....we looked well-oiled in attack when he was on and his positional play in defence is outstanding and stopped a couple of tries yesterday alone (that effort to stop the try where he was kneed was unbelievable gutsy)....

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