Press Confrence

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Press Confrence

Post by hobbo » Mon 11 Aug, 2014 6:34 pm

AmericanHistoryX wrote:
bp tiger wrote:
"jirskyr" wrote:
"bp tiger" wrote:potter comes across as the worst speaker I have ever seen no wonder his talk at 1/2 time done nothing. there is no fire in the belly on remorse for the effort if he survives till the end of the season I hope they punt him then.
There's a difference between public comments and internal comments, don't judge a bloke for being low-key in pressers. I think he actually handles the media very well, considering his job has been under pressure 80% of his tenure.

Compare to Wayne Bennett, obviously a top-tier coach, but a dreadful speaker.
Good point, but then none of us who get on his case can be criticised for it, as that's all we see and to be honest I don't like what I see. But your point is a very good one.
how would you talk with a noose around your neck.

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Exactly .. I'd be saving my breath !

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We need mongrel ..
No more plodders !

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