3 tackles that won us the game

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3 tackles that won us the game

Post by fergiefurr » Tue 10 Mar, 2015 3:16 pm

I just watched game again. In the 74th minute Moses throws the intercept to Gordon. He runs 60m and is run down by brooks. Our scramble was good and we got back to set the line as best as can be expected. Next play they shift right, sironen comes out of the line and shuts down a 4 on 2 with a great one on one tackle. They then go right again and get James Roberts 1 on 1 with Simona who he had beat only minutes ago to score. Simona again makes a great one on one tackle. Next play they spill the ball.

One thing I have noticed in the trials and round 1 is that our 'hit and stick' has improved out of sight. 3 crucial 1 on 1 tackles made in desperation. If any of them miss the titans score and likely win the game. Hopefully this continues throughout the season.

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Post by pHyR3 » Tue 10 Mar, 2015 3:56 pm

definitely, we saw that in the 9s too. tackles bloody stuck for once.

moses was very good at this too. brooks is getting better, his missed tackles have never been that bad for us. rushes out of the line a bit and gets bumped off. no biggie, 2 forwards are there within milliseconds to get him and brooks' missed tackle often allows us to win that ruck and slow him down. thats more from 2014 though, hopefully brooks lowers the MT count to allow for more rep selections since it will always get brought up.

brooks' try saver probably wasnt even that crucial, teddy was flying down as well and would have definitely gotten there too imo
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Post by tig_prmz » Tue 10 Mar, 2015 9:59 pm

Good post except iirc Roberts beat brooks, not Simona. Simonas one on one is quite amazing

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Post by PYMBLEPETE » Tue 10 Mar, 2015 11:09 pm

Lodge made a great tackle early in the second half much as you have described - the commentators made particular note of it.

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