Pat Richards "lose" carry

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Re: Pat Richards "lose" carry

Post by Telltails » Wed 20 May, 2015 7:34 am

foreveratiger wrote:They even replayed the hit on Lawrence before the scrum was fed and still didn't overturn it.
Loose carry pigs arse was hit in the melon and had to come off under the concussion rule.
They had it for us yesterday.
These refs should be forced to do Press Conference's like Coaches.
Bloody protected species.
Until each club is allowed the opportunity to question three refereeing decisions following each game nothing will change. They are protected species with no repercussions for inept performances. Excuses will be continued to be made, and some teams will seemingly be unjustly treated compared to others. Let them speak!

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Post by glebe_tiger » Wed 20 May, 2015 8:32 am

Captain's calls or challenges could be something to look at down the track but with the stop start nature of the game atm this probably won't be coming into effect any time soon.

I don't know, there's been some really dud calls against us this year. I know JT hasn't whinged on camera about it which i applaud but i do hope he's having a quiet word with these refs after games about certain calls because some have been abysmal.

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