Shameful Display

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Re: Shameful Display

Post by alexaki » Sun 28 Jun, 2015 10:53 pm

Today's display by the Tigers showed us alot..I was there with my 2 sons....and at NO time did I get excited..even at half time when we were up 12-10 I was concerned as their try s were soft!..Here is my summary:

1) Either Taylor can't coach or we have many players who are NOT NRL standard.
I'm sick of hearing how we are playing to a structure and concentrating on our defence...we are leaking points in 2015 in the same fashion as we did in 2013 & 2014...nothing has changed!...we are a pathetic team(coaches and players)

2) I'd like to know where our Salary CAP is being spent on...surely we cant be on the CAP limit with these bunch of plodders?...Assuming we are on the CAP limit we are grossly overpaying many players in our top 25!...why are we the ONLY team not to have recruited a decent signing for 2016?..I can cop that if we are travelling well, but we aren't and there is no new blood on the horizon!.

3) The players in the 2015 squad are 12 months older than last year...but as a team we have NOT shown improvement on our 2014 performances....given our relatively GOOD injury run in 2015 we have definitely gone backwards as a team.

4) Despite what we are being fed the teams future is anything BUT rosy...few players have actually kicked on in 2015 compared to 2014...Tapau and Woods(sort of)....are it...The rest are very inconsistent or just not up to it!....I fear the latter....

5) Who would want to join the WT as a player or coach?..we are a team that has no money; a bunch of overrated under performing "kids" and we are the worst finals performing team in the NRL over the last 10 years...players want to join clubs where they have a chance of playing finals footy....this just doesn't happen at the wonder we cant sign anyone!

6) Farah is past it....we have 2 more years of his leadership and average play..we all see this but will JT have the courage to admit it as well?..

7) JT and the WT have until RD 26 to convince me to renew my membership for 2016....all I ask for is a sign the team is on the improve...its clear we will NOT make the 8 this year again....but we are almost favourites to get the spoon...and I need a sign the WT of 2016 will be a huge improvement on past years before I renew! far I have little confidence this side will deliver that small request.

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Post by Tigermama » Sun 28 Jun, 2015 11:18 pm

everett wrote:I think the players and coach should ring up everyone who attending today's game and personally apologise for pretending to be a NRL side.

Then Jason Taylor should win an Academy Award for convincing a board he was up to NRL coaching level.
Agree 100% everett. I felt such joy when i saw all those Orange and Black jerseys in a packed Leichhardt oval. I was hopeful the boys will put in the effort for their fans. And what a lovely sight it was to see Big Keith lead the team out with baby Kingston in his arms :P
They had every reason to win today, but failed once again.. :(

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Post by Tigermama » Sun 28 Jun, 2015 11:32 pm

WTDiehard wrote:As each week passes we hit new lows. This team has gone to the dogs and ATM there is no team that deserves the spoon more than we do.

I really rated JT when he came onboard and we had some very good results in the trials and first few weeks of the season. But since then its been one disaster after another.

The last few weeks I haven't even watched the games and you get to the stage where you say " F EM" .......why waste my time watching that crap.

I understand that the team is young, but there is a mixture of experience there as well....the fact is we should be doing cannot bread a culture of success by going backwards each year.

I thought Potter was unlucky to lose his job last year and if we are perfectly honest......we were playing better footy.

Has anyone noticed the brooks / teddy combo is virtually non existent these days.......

Football is a Business......if you have a failing business - you have no customers.......probably explains why our crowds are so poor these days.....people cant be bothered.
In another thread WTD, it was mentioned that JT is the WT undertaker. I Lol. Not any more. I think their are right. Under JT we seem to be Dead man Walking. :bawling

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Post by Tigermama » Sun 28 Jun, 2015 11:36 pm

2041 wrote:
Eye Of Da Tiger wrote:Taylor has definitely bitten off more than he can chew. I think a career in polotics would be more down his alley. His got the spin and the promises he just can't deliver. His told us all what we wanted to hear at the beginning of the season and now what we are well on track for our first wooden spoon. I have to agree with all of Tigermamas assesment ofJT today.

Why did the board sign him up for 3 years. Wow some learn by their mistakes we just keep making them.
Nah, if Australian politics is anything to go by Taylor's approach ought to be:

QUESTION: Your team was horrible today, and it really looks like you aren't competent - what's your response?
QUESTION: But that's got nothing to do with it - you just aren't doing a good job. Shouldn't you be more worried about the fact that the team you're managing is really bad?
QUESTION: Could someone do a better job than you?

Next day's Daily Telegraph: TAYLOR'S TIGERS STOP THE BOATS. [Tigers 6 - 54 Boats]
Thanks so much for the laugh 2041 :lol: Really needed it today. ;)

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Post by hybrid_tiger » Mon 29 Jun, 2015 7:58 am

MacDougall wrote:Cherrington is already better than Farah. Seriously Farah has declined rapidly and would be one of the worst hookers in the comp now.
Yep, Cherrington is better than Farah. Just like Moses is better than Austin, Sironen is a gun, Brooks is the next Andrew Johns, Lovett is a first grader etc. etc. etc.

I've read some ridiculous comments on this forum over the years, but this has to be right up there.

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Post by MacDougall » Tue 30 Jun, 2015 7:02 pm

You can stop following my posts just to argue. Clearly we differ let's just assume it from now on.

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