What point of unshackling attack if you let in 42?

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Re: What point of unshackling attack if you let in 42?

Post by Doc Tiger » Tue 21 Jul, 2015 11:39 am

Im looking forward to the team getting beaten by only 50 odd next week personally. Will be stoked if we can unshackle and cross the line at all.

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Post by greatodensraven » Tue 21 Jul, 2015 12:13 pm

its better than losing 42 - nil

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Post by TrueTiger » Sat 01 Aug, 2015 6:59 am

Eddie wrote:Happy I agree our side is sub standard. Most weeks we are deserved under dogs with the roster we have. I do feel sorry in that regard, this year was always going to be tough with the roster calls we made.

However maybe Taylor should not have been so bullish about his defensive system if there are 7-8 issues with it. He bagges previous coaches and said it was easy to fix in pre season. He said it was all about system in defence pre season, not personel, his words not mine.

Now he is scrambling for ways to say we are improving. Becuase his defensive structure is not standing up. He is trying to sugar coat it, but the fatcs are he has not improved our defence, even though he said it was easy to.

Thats my gripe with taylor, he came in cocky about it and has not delivered anything but will spin things. Do you watch his press conferences? They are painful. its like every answer he is trying to justify his methods and the teams imrpovements.
Eddie,I completely understand your frustration with this team at the moment,I to have been frustrated at times and wondered how long it will take the young guys to understand the defensive structure,it all takes time,some take longer than others..
I really hope that you are pleased with the way the whole team played last night..

To give you are very good quote re Taylor and everyone critising the structure and his coaching..."there's method in his madness"...
Time and patients are the key,maybe this is why JT has been so pasty faced in the pressos ...
You may see me struggle...but you will never see me quit... :D

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