Thumbs up for Lawrence

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Re: Thumbs up for Lawrence

Post by happy tiger » Mon 20 Jul, 2015 10:52 pm

jirskyr wrote:
MacDougall wrote:
Balmain Boy wrote:He was good, but had he have completed the tackle on Hunt after Brooks had slowed him down then the result of the match could have been quite different. I've no idea why Chris just watched Hunt get up off the ground and run away from him. Dive on him and he goes nowhere!!

Still our best backrower, no comptition though

He dived on him, but he went over the top of him and slipped off.
I personally thought he may have affected the tackle there, Hunt was on the deck and Lawrence landed on him, was disappointed to see the refs call play on.

Then triple disappointed to see Hunt evade another few tackles on the left side.
It was a real slippery track after having three games played on it in three days

You had the Roar v Liverpool games and the Rugby Test also

The surface was very soft when we walked out there

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