Luke Brooks & today's performance

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Re: Luke Brooks & today's performance

Post by goldcoast tiger » Mon 24 Aug, 2015 11:30 am

The chances of both of them making it is diminishing at the moment. I thought that Brooks was the best chance, up until the last month or so, but his game has deteriorated lately .unless things change drastically next season , we will be no better off, but we will be paying out a hell of a lot more money.
As it stands, Moses has played a bit better in the same time. But I don't see the superstar tag working for him either, I know all the excuses for them both, and agree that they were given the rough end of the pineapple by the club, , and that our forwards don't help much.
But in all that time, I would expect that both of them would have grabbed at least a couple of games and had a couple of big games.the only really impressive game I've seen has been Brooks'debut , where he was in everything. But that's not the same player that's going around now( sadly). The fact that he had Anasta in the team with him ,made a hell of a difference to his game , and shows how stupid it was to not get someone experienced with him this year.
The club went for the big gamble with the two of them, and so far it looks like all they've done is to stuff up the chances of at least one of them ( if not both) . If either or both improve enough next year, it will be to their credit, as they haven't been helped much by the club .

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Post by Balmain Boy » Mon 24 Aug, 2015 2:41 pm

BREAKING NEWS: Young players have inconsistent starts to their careers.

Brooks had a better start to the season, moses was criticised, now moses is coming home strong while brooks is struggling a bit. The expectations some of you have are mind boggling, especially considering how well the rest of the team has (or hasn't) been playing. And there is no experience to help them either. Everything is on their totally inexperienced shoulders.

Despite having an inconsistent season Brooks was still 5th in the league in try assists heading in to the weekend. If that's his output when he has a season 'below expectations' season, with a lacklustre backline and pack, and when he's lacking confidence in a losing team i'm looking forward seeing what he produces in the future.

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Post by Magpie Magic » Mon 24 Aug, 2015 9:08 pm

Its a bit like having a job thats ok but not really working for you.
Its good but its just not working for you.
Thats the halves atm.

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