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Re: **Live game thread**

Post by Fade To Black » Sun 06 Sep, 2015 12:01 am

happy tiger wrote:Going to enjoy going through our field goal shots looking at the Saints players all off side

The closest shot that Patty had 3 blokes were in at marker

The double standards in every game with the favoured side getting calls is reaching epidemic proportions

And what about the shoulder charge from Marshall with the Tedesco no try ??
The ref had to have had some vested interest in the Dragons winning, the decisions that were made and not made was as close to blatant cheating by an official as you are ever likely to see. Bloody disgraceful.

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Post by Tigerdave » Sun 06 Sep, 2015 4:05 am

well, wake up in the morning and we nearly won it.

Can't believe they blew the whistle for markers not being square in extra time though..............or maybe I can't believe it given it was against us

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