5 unforgivable things

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Re: 5 unforgivable things

Post by Eddie » Sun 05 Jun, 2016 6:56 pm

Must be Robbies fault...

Like people said, the team just had no leadership today. No aggression, no brains, no motivation. Poor body language.

With Ballin ruled out we move our most effective forward into the hooking role. Truly bizarre coaching. Maybe equally as baffling as his 3 hookers policy in the Parramatta game.

We just got bullied by the team coming 2nd last. Taylor failed to get them motivated for a season defining game. Says it all really.

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Post by cqtiger » Sun 05 Jun, 2016 7:01 pm

Unforgivable #6: re-signing Brooks
Unforgivable #7: re-signing Moses

$1.1M for these 2 next year? Now that's unforgivable #8
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Post by stevetiger » Sun 05 Jun, 2016 7:02 pm

Eddie wrote:Must be Robbies fault...
That is funny. The muppets on here that blame Robbie for everything should hopefully realize that they have no idea.
Eddie wrote:Taylor failed to get them motivated for a season defining game. Says it all really.
I don't think we were bad but JT isn't getting us to perform to the level we are capable of. Farah might have made a difference today but that is on JT.

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Post by GNR4LIFE » Sun 05 Jun, 2016 7:05 pm

goldcoast tiger wrote:
tigerap wrote:Brooks failed to control the game... Shocker
His turn this week,
Moses's turn next week
JT's every week.

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Post by Harvey » Sun 05 Jun, 2016 7:07 pm

Our line speed is terrible, no-one moves up. They take 2 steps and stop and wait for the opposition to come to them. We lick to the corner and 1st tackle is 5 m out, on the 5th they are kicking from our 20. It is disgraceful.

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Post by TIGER » Sun 05 Jun, 2016 7:43 pm

This forum is too funny.
When Robbie doesn't play it's JTs fault for the loss for not playing him.
When Robbie does play it's Robbie's fault for playing like Robbie and JTs fault for playing him.

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Post by thaitiger » Sun 05 Jun, 2016 8:01 pm

I am just so sick & tired of all the banter on here about the Taylor v Farah feud & excuses, excuses, excuses being wheelbarrowed out on these Forums each & every week after a pathetic performance like today!!!!!!! :bash
The bottom line is Taylor must be replaced now & also his assistant defence coach Kidwell.
Just do it & cop the consequences. Appoint Sandercock as the Interim Head Coach & have Mark O'neill make the selections from now on. :sign:
I feel like vomiting when I see JT & his pasty face at these Pressers mumbling & bumbling his way through them as well as the anaemic & pathetic nuff nuff Media questions each & every week especially after a loss that do not put this Nuffie under the spotlight & heat for these diabolical performances.
I am also sick & tired of the JT "Pretorian Guard" in this forum closing ranks & coming to this imposter's defence after every disgraceful team performance. So putrid & insane beyond belief. :crazy
Get results consistently or GET OUT !!!!!!!! :deadhorse:

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Post by tigermac88 » Sun 05 Jun, 2016 8:39 pm

Boonboon2 wrote:Nofoaluma dropping the ball over the line but the big difference today was our forwards got out played by Roosters.

Their halves were kicking from 5m out into in goal ours were getting the ball 40 meters out - we forced a few errors with bombs but repeat sets the difference over the game and they happened because forwards put the Roosters in a better position then ours
That pretty much sums it up and is spot on the money... Our forwards got taught a lesson of what aggression and hard running can do for a team and our halves got taught a lesson on what repeat sets can do, we were WELL outplayed in both aspects.

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