**Live game thread** Us vs the Bunnies

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Re: **Live game thread** Us vs the Bunnies

Post by goldcoast tiger » Sat 11 Jun, 2016 12:53 pm

Nelson wrote:
goldcoast tiger wrote:
Nelson wrote:
Pawsandclaws wrote:
He made mistakes but he ran the ball hard and was often threatening we he did so. When Simona scored the try, Moses deliberately ignored Nofoaluma because he is too slow,. I guess we better get used to it because we don't want fast elusive wingers at our club. We want only wingers who will go to ground and can get five metres running the ball out,
He didn't "deliberately ignore" him he looked right to get Walker interested in the gap between he and Nofo and then he went back the other way to Simona. Geez you are one-eyed in your views on things...
This coming from Cyclops :roll :roll
What exactly am I one-eyed about? That you and Paws are muppets? Yeah I'll cop to that.

you are just being true to your name :lol:

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