at least we will have Farah for SOO

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Re: at least we will have Farah for SOO

Post by innsaneink » Fri 16 Apr, 2010 11:57 pm

You missed it?
Hardly surpising.

T Browne (whoever he is, Warburton, Armit, Green, Gordon, Kimmorley...half a doz crap opposition players with no threads for them

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Post by bonstonker » Sat 17 Apr, 2010 5:14 am

ennis should be picked for nsw.
his game suits bellamy more than farah.
the skill set of farah is not used by bellamy and he becomes a waste.

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Post by mikey » Sat 17 Apr, 2010 8:37 am

At least one journo thought Farah was better last night.

SMH 17/04/10

Loser Farah a winner over Ennis for State of Origin
April 17, 2010

Wests Tigers may not have won last night, but this may have been the game in which they proved themselves the real deal - and hooker Robbie Farah, too. In the battle of the NSW hooking rivals - Farah and Canterbury's Michael Ennis - the Tigers captain scored an impressive points win. That his team failed to get the points shouldn't worry Blues selectors - or Tigers coach Tim Sheens.

The Tigers were without their first-choice halfback Robert Lui, his replacement Tim Moltzen, and props Keith Galloway, Todd Payten and Jason Cayless, the match was a test of their premiership credentials.

As they lost rookie front-rower Alan Schirnack before kick off, forcing Sheens to call up Willie Mataka.

Add a 60 per cent possession flow to the Bulldogs and some tough calls from referees Jared Maxwell and Bernard Sutton, and the Tigers weren't entitled to be in the contest until six minutes from full-time.

Perhaps it is an indication of how poorly Canterbury are travelling at the moment that they struggled to put away a team who had tackled themselves to a standstill.

Late tries by Ennis and Brett Kimmorley against a tired defence inflated the scoreline in the dying minutes but until the 75th minute the Bulldogs led just 12-4.

Ennis finished with two tries, but Farah was the pick of the rakes and every time he ran the ball from dummy-half he lifted the tempo of the Tigers attack.

He also came up with a stunning 40/20 kick from dummy-half and was the creative force behind most of his side's attack.

On the first occasion the Tigers got down the Bulldogs end, Farah stood out of a scrum and after picking up the ball at halfback he toed through a long grubber for star five-eighth Benji Marshall to run onto.

Marshall overran the kick but appeared to be tackled without the ball by Canterbury winger Steve Turner. There was no penalty but Bulldogs fullback Luke Patten knocked on to give the Tigers a rare first-half attacking opportunity near the Canterbury try line.

It was just one of four tackles the Tigers had in their opponents' 20 metres area in the first half.

In comparison, the Bulldogs had 27 tackles inside the Tigers' 20 metres during the same period but, despite boasting 60 per cent of possession, their only first half try came in the 35th minute when Ennis scored from a Ben Roberts kick.

Ennis crossed again in the 74th minute off another kick, this time from Kimmorley.

The pair then reversed roles for Kimmorley to score three minutes from full-time to secure just the Bulldogs' second win of the season.

Asked afterwards about his rivalry with Farah, Ennis said: ''It's going to go on for the next 10 years. I can't control that but I certainly enjoyed tonight.''

However, it was clear how much it felt to him when he and Farah came together in back-play midway through the second half.

After engaging in a bit of push and shove, they exchanged words before play moved on and Lote Tuqiri ran 60 metres to score the Tigers' lone try, in the 59th minute.

As Marshall was lining up the conversion attempt, Maxwell called out Kimmorley and Ennis and said: ''He [Ennis] has been good all game. Don't let it get away from him now.''

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Post by Snowy » Sat 17 Apr, 2010 9:14 am

Would like to see the stats between the two of them for last night if anyone can get them?
I hope they pick Ennis and Kimorley because I want to see them get smashed!

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Post by angeman » Sun 18 Apr, 2010 8:39 am

ennis has mongrel? i remember him running away from crocker like a little girl. i remember chris sandow beating him up... the list goes on. ennis doesn't do half the defensive work and doesn't have the kicking game robbie does.

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Post by stryker » Sun 18 Apr, 2010 1:17 pm

simonthetiger wrote:For all you dogs zapping on about Ennis........ask urself a question.

Would you prefer Ennis or Farah as ur hooker?????
Why are these people dogs? What you have writen here has nothing to do with the topic.

Of course we all would prefer Robbie in our side but the thread is about Ennis playing SOO this year....which he will.

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Post by IronTiger » Sun 18 Apr, 2010 1:40 pm

well i'd say the hooker argument has been decided if what has just been said on the tv this morning and i'd say that Farah doesn't stand a chance.

Fittler who for some reason after leading his team to the wooden spoon who's idea of mamanement is to get pi$$ed and scare people in his pants is involved in NSW setup says he thinks publically that Ennis should be picked to build momentum fromlast year. Can momentum last 1 year?

Gus Gould basically said Robbie is too clever for Origin and Ennis fits better the type of players who do play. Maybe it's time for a change as NSW have lost 4 in a row, just a thought.

Also we all know that other goose Daley's opinion and as Bob Fulton openly despises anything Tigers it's all over bar the announcement imo.

Personally i would rather have Robbie playing for the Tigers but i know how much he wants Origin and it just makes me angry how these so called "experts" unprofessionally voice their opinion.

---syberian tiger---

Post by ---syberian tiger--- » Sun 18 Apr, 2010 3:43 pm

I still think Farah will play.

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Post by VX225 » Mon 19 Apr, 2010 2:30 pm

Snowy wrote:Would like to see the stats between the two of them for last night if anyone can get them?
I hope they pick Ennis and Kimorley because I want to see them get smashed!
Here's a few stats off the NRL website:

Stat - Farah - Ennis
40/20 - 1 - 0
Runs - 5 - 0
Run metres - 50 - 0
Kick metres - 135 - 233
Errors - 1 - 1
Tackles - 35 - 19
Missed Tackles - 5 - 2
Ineffective tackles - 1 - 2

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