Hannant v WHO?

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Re: Hannant v WHO?

Post by Staks » Wed 21 Apr, 2010 12:50 pm

stryker wrote:
cnx_tigers wrote:Religion and race are 'no go' areas fellas.

ALL the players know that. Gibbs is a moron if he went there.
Not only was this comment of yours pure garbage cnx, it has been dismissed by all concerned.

The only moron here is the person/s who reported it. Now it's pretty obvious to me that you are a religious person and thats fine, each to their own. However there are just as many who arent mate and that should be accepted as well.

I played footy on saturday and you wouldn't believe how many times I was called a "white *" during the game. People try and get under your skin mate - you need to stand on your own two feet not go crying to the authorities.

There is a time and place for everything...it's called the carpark and let me tell you it's better than any judiciary you could think of.

Ben Hannant is a sook and he has lost all my respect.
Why is it garbage? Because he don't share the same view as you or others? Everyone is entitled to there own opinion which is based on there outlook in life and what they believe is wrong or right.
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