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Re: Lolohea

Post by Masterton » Wed 26 Jul, 2017 9:59 am

I'm not going to come out and say, "He's going to be a star" like some, but it's hard not to see an improvement already. He's lost weight and shown more toe since he's been here and shown on a few occasions that he can play what is in front of him. I'm fairly optimistic.

On the downside, he isn't a great organiser (not that that would matter much at fullback) and I haven't seen him under the high ball.
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Post by The Old Fox » Wed 26 Jul, 2017 11:44 am

Russell wrote:
Wed 26 Jul, 2017 9:18 am
TigerSJ wrote:
Tue 25 Jul, 2017 10:42 pm
Hey Russell - I don't think that I am usually a negative poster. I'd like to think I'm offering up an opinion and response to what I'm reading. If you read that post you will see that each of the 4 paragraphs deals with a different issue.
The first was about Tui and the comparison that some were making to Marshall. The second was about his performances so far and specifically his game against the Eels - I stand by all of the points made about what he has dished up so far.
The third paragraph is more about our spine or lack there of, and the 4th and final paragraph was in answer to comments made about the team's performance in that game against the Eels.
I'll admit that the tone of the post came out of frustration from watching that game but again, IMO the comments I made are fair and realistic.
You are entitled to your opinions TigerS - no problems with that. It was more a shot at Hobbo than yourself.

Think you are off the mark (my opinion) with Lolohea. He is a very clever player imo being able to play what is in front of him, has a good step and can read the play. I think most negative comments (not necessarily yours) are far too early, being after what - 6- weeks. It is a given he is overweight, is that his fault, partially - a lot can be put down to Warriors trainers, island mentality, disillusionment, unhappy about trying to get away from his toxic environment and the negativity of Kearney. Can that be fixed - damn right and Cleary is just the person to do that, no coach in the NRL knows more about island mentality and how to put it on track better than him. A full off season ahead as well.

He is being judged at a new club, playing with a bunch of players who will not be there next year, turmoil at the club for months and with arguably it's best two players leaving. A coach taking over in round 4 and trying to get the team to play as a team, fix it's defence and a million other things that really can't be done on the run. He is a full back but everyone wants to say how bad he is at 5/8, he is filling in to help us out - would JLJ do any better. Lolohea is a reasonable goal kicker, best we have- are we going to buy anyone better, don't think so. I'll trust Cleary and Hodgo to get the best out of him with his kicking and full back play.

I think he will do well, at least I am prepared to give him at least one season at full back with a level playing field.
I'm with you Russell, plenty of people in line wanting to bag this kid as soon as he makes one mistake including some here in the forum..I think Cleary is structuring as much as possible around Brooks at the moment leaving Lolo out on a limb, lost a little in the 6 because Cleary has other plans for him next year..keep in mind against of his 5th tackle kicks just went long, the other one was just a little short and great steal from para and one led to the try that got us back into the game, Brooks failed all day on 5th ,so I think the criticism of lolo is a bit heavy.. His defence is poor and I wonder i his carrying a shoulder injury? if not,that's the only major concern for next year. The boy has a football brain that's a big tick.

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Post by turnstyle » Wed 26 Jul, 2017 12:07 pm

Haven't read every post in this thread but i have to say i have been pretty happy with Lolohea so far.
to me he looks like about the only player other than Tedesco who has spark.
i reckon he is doing well and am surprised he has come in for the criticism he has.

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