Kickoff: 7:30pm, Saturday 26 March
Venue: Campbelltown Stadium
Telecast: FOX Sports 2
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Re: Galloway

Post by Geo. » Mon 28 Mar, 2011 2:15 pm

Hold on is this Heighington all over again Sirro?

cant see u here m8 just checking...
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king sirro
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Post by king sirro » Mon 28 Mar, 2011 5:31 pm

Geo. wrote:Hold on is this Heighington all over again Sirro?

cant see u here m8 just checking...

No no no, not at all. Heighno was completely different and suffered my wrath after 18 months of poor football. He has since got his old form back.

With Galloway, on this "ONE" occasion i have critisised him it comes from my high opinion of him. When he carried our pack with a broken foot, he bacame an Origin class player in my eyes, and since then my expectaions have been very high....maybe too high. Now i watched saturday nights game with a skinful, and probably should watch it again sober before adding any more to this thread. All i will say is, i thought he'd lead us more than what he has the first 3 weeks with Gibbs out because thats when he's lifted the most in the past. Ive seen him take packs on on his own, and thats what im expecting from him.

So those few who actually think i was geeing up, sorry but i wasnt. I'll cop it on the chin. Farah did say that they set Galloway a challenge this week, so that suggests they felt he wasnt leading the way he should be in the first 2 weeks.

Hope that answers it for u Geo.

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