The back 3.

Kickoff: 7.30PM, Friday 8 July
Venue: Parramatta Stadium, Parramatta
Telecast: Ch.9
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The back 3.

Post by hadds75 » Sat 09 Jul, 2011 11:05 am

These guys have too much heart and not enough of anything else. They all played okay last night and the effort is DEFINETLY there but gee we need some finishing potential there and between the three of these guys, and even Ayshford there is a real lack of potential to finish off half chances.

All are probably just a yard off it. You probably dont even think twice but theres a lot of chances this side creates that players with an extra yard of pace would be streaking down the touchline, or already over the try line.

These three give there all, and are always trying to help the forwards out with runs etc, but none of these guys are good finishers, or even average finishers, and it really hurts us.

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Post by tiger05 » Sat 09 Jul, 2011 12:50 pm

We need a lot more pace in the back 3 but I think Ryan and Brown have enough ability to be good first grade players.

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Post by boonboon » Sat 09 Jul, 2011 1:02 pm

Personally I think lack of finishing ability has been our biggest issue other then injuries (and caused by injuries really) all 3 are solid mostly and definatly try hard and even make some decent meters - the problem is in the same team you could probably do with 1 of the 3 with a second perhaps off the bench (doesen't really matter which is which tbh) but you cant have all 3 starting - Hopefully next week we will see Lote and Utai back because Lawrence in his first game back despite being rusty you could tell he is a class above and will in the next couple of weeks score a few and set up a few once they have the finishers

I think what really brings this home though is that up until 2 weeks ago we were leading the comp in
line breaks and tackle busts

Yet our outside backs have scored so few tries because we dont have the finishing needed through pace, skill and strength

Mitch Brown - 3 tires in 13 matches
Blake Aysford - 4 tries in 16 games
Wade McKinnon - 4 tries in 12 games
Tim Moltzen - 4 tries from 16 games
Beau Ryan - 2 tries in 9 games
Tim Simona - 0 tries from 4 games

We have been missing Lawrence and Tuqiri for virtually the whole season and even Utai who was going solid on the other wing - look at last year

Chris Lawrence - 15 tries from 25 games
Lote - 18 tries from 27 games

But not only were they scoring and setting up tries they were taking pressure off our halves giving them more room - at the moment oppositions know that our wingers aren't going to get over the line and Wade unforutnatly is slowing down week by week and they have known he might make a bust of benji but they will catch him

With all the talk about players leaving and players coming but to me a real excitement for the next couple of years is how the great outside backs in our U20s come through - Tedesco, Koribete, Simona, Kamuta, Noaloma - its really a back line of stars coming through along with Miller and Sironen in the halves - I mean we will need to be getting rid of players to hang onto these blokes - Tedeesco,Nolaloma, Koribete and Sironen all 18 or under at the start of this year and all absolutley brilliant in the U20s

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Post by Eddie » Sat 09 Jul, 2011 2:49 pm

They, as a combination are just too sluggish

We created a number of half chances last night, where players with speed and instinct might have finished.

It's a very poor mix and balance.

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