The (controversial) forward pass

Kickoff: 7.30 PM, Saturday 23 July
Venue: Leichhardt Oval
Telecast: FOX SPORTS 2
sunshine coast tiger
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Re: The (controversial) forward pass

Post by sunshine coast tiger » Mon 25 Jul, 2011 6:00 am

Looked marginally forward in all the replays I have seen. Good call by the refs. Noticed on the Sunday footy show they all seem to have thought it was forward and moved on from talking about it very quickly.

For mine I am glad forward passes aren't ruled on by the video ref the camera is never in the right position to make a definite decision.

It was a lot more forward then the foward pass call against Galloway a few weeks ago, these things even up over a year. Poor form by the papers to concentrate more on the forward pass call then our good win.

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Post by Tigerdave » Mon 25 Jul, 2011 6:14 am

looked forward to me, funny how they are carrying on about what a lot of people are saying was either a line ball or marginally forward, unlike last year when we were blatantly robbed.

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Post by bigsiro » Mon 25 Jul, 2011 10:51 am

It absolutely was not forward. Carney moves back after he passes and creates the illusion that it was thrown forward. It wasn't.

We got lucky.

Who cares, the Roosters get lucky all the friggin time: 1. they always break from the scrum early, before the ball is even put in; 2. last year's game. I could go on but suck it up roosters, what goes around comes around.

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