Moltzen - Run straight

Kickoff: Friday 7.30 PM
Venue: Central Coast Stadium
Telecast: Ch 9
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Re: Moltzen - Run straight

Post by underdog » Mon 01 Aug, 2011 2:51 pm

Kaiser wrote:
No really seeing this at all Tig_pmz... sorry.

RE: Reading the attack - Doesn't support anyone else but Benji... if this were true, he'd have made 150+ last night if he ran off a few other blokes. Also, that no-try to ryan in the first 5-10mins... he butchered that! Had a so many players that side, all he had to do was pass it, instead he turned and did god knows what...

RE: Positioning - I felt like fly kicking my old mans TV when the first 2 kicks from the dragons seriously showed how out of position he is 99% of the time at FB.


That is all

1000% this.

He is always running and probing off his buddy Benji, but never have I seen him do it off his own back and follow the forwards. EVER. It's always trailing Marshall.

Mckinnon backs up our pack very well, and his best games have been when he has taken an offload from Ellis, Heighno, Galloway, etc. Now Mckinnon generally hasn't got the speed to finish off the movement, however Molzen would.

IMO, Mitch Brown should be taking notes and watching tapes of Mckinnons best games, (not only form us, but at the warriors and at the eels) but something tells me he won't be our fullback either next year.

Also his knack of butchering tries by not passing and going himself - he is starting to remind me of Willie Tonga - except without the strength and power that Tonga has...

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Post by JET » Mon 01 Aug, 2011 3:35 pm

Give the kid a break! I agree his form this season hasn't been good and he doesn't deserve a first grade spot. He is definitely not a full back.
I also believe that some one who has ability does not lose their talents in one season. Lui is in the same boat!
These players have been thrown in at the deep end and are expected to play like seasoned first graders.
Sheens in my opinion is to blame for that, he doesn't seem to be able to bring the young talent through and develop them to bring out their best. You only have to see the talent running around in the two State Cup Sides to know that there are players there that are capable of better things..
I would like to see both these players with the likes of Craig Bellamy, Wayne Bennett or Des Hasler, I am positive they have the goods to make it!

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Post by helmesy » Tue 02 Aug, 2011 8:14 am

JET wrote:Sheens in my opinion is to blame for that, he doesn't seem to be able to bring the young talent through and develop them to bring out their best.
Hmm sometimes he does, you could argue that he is doing the right thing by using Miller infrequently and many other coaches probably would have thrown Sironen in by now (especially after we lost three in a row).

He was good with the development of Marshall, Farah, Fulton etc and guys like Greg Alexander always say that he helped them get established.

The thing with Moltzen is that he is being played out of position, if he plays 25 games in the red and white jersey at fullback back next year I will be stunned.

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