Members to turn ANZ Stadium into a Tigers fortress

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Kickoff: 7:30 PM, Friday 9 September
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Telecast: Ch 9 LIVE
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Re: Members to turn ANZ Stadium into a Tigers fortress

Post by markotiger » Fri 20 Jan, 2012 12:57 pm

Brett said that he would happily supply images and whatnot for members and supporters to use to create banners and signs. Obviously who ever does so would need to think about where they are sitting/standing at the stadium so they aren't obstructing the view of others.

In my opinion, both C'town stadium and Leichhardt oval (all standing areas especially [SPECIAL recognition for Leichhardt's famous hill]) should be filled with lots of black, white and gold colour, and large banners should be on display each game.

imagine what the hill would look like, full to the brim, and heaps of signs and banners on the tree line (check out the picture on the right of the webpage for an example) it would make LO such a electric atmosphere along with the big crowds and loud voices of all Wests Tigers supporters.

I will go out of my way this year to create a banner especially for LO, giving up my gold member seat to be apart of it, and everyone here with the spare time should do the same!

Looking forward to the season ahead ladies and gents, CAN'T F%$KEN WAIT!

In the meantime everyone should check out this webpage to see what the crowd looked like from a great angle at the first semi final against St George. Amazing!

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Post by TIGERDAVIS » Fri 20 Jan, 2012 10:32 pm

Thanks for filling me in!
I agree with what you are saying, I was one of the members along with my Dad and Sister who participated in turning ANZ into a 'Tigers fortress' and as much fun as it was, it looked so good and like you have said, gave it such a great electric atmosphere. If another opportunity like that ever comes up again I will definetly be one of the first to put my hand up. Only 44 days until we kick off on the 4th... God I can't wait!! GO THE TIGERS!!!!

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