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    Adam Doueihi #227

    Absolutely nobody would sign AD for 900k,if some desperate club offered him 650k he should grab it with both hands.Not worried if he goes and i don;t mind him as a footballer
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    2023 Jersey Talk

    Only the completely idiotic clubs would do that
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    FIFA World Cup thread

    I read that on the internet about a week ago,i would describe very few people as sporting legends but he is one of them and the greatest soccer player of all time
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    The only people i have seen who use the "orange man bad" vernacular to describe Trump are people who seem to be on the far right wing of politics.I can only assume that they call him that so they can try to engender a degree of empathy for him. I have always opposed extreme political views on...
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    It is very easy to miss a few names.2 fullbacks from the past who both came from Dapto are Bob Smithies and Ted Goodwin both sadly deceased i used to love watching both of them play.Smithies took over the fullback spot at Balmain and was part of the team that won the premiership in 1969.
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    I think it shows that gregjm87 has standards he will not compromise.
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    My opinion and it is your opinion that is wasn't
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    He was worse than that he betrayed both the club and his team mates by deliberately playing poorly to be released.He should never be allowed back under any circumstances
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    FIFA World Cup thread

    I should have herring for breakfast to celebrate just to keep the Danish economy going
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    OFFICIAL 2023 Ins and Outs

    Sheens signed some absolute shockers in the past,some on big money.Like everybody else he get's some right and some wrong
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    If the poor bloke gets a head knock like last time he would be crazy not to retire.His health is far more important than footie
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    OFFICIAL Henry O'Kane signs with Sharks

    The way Cronulla have developed their players over the last decade i would say that he has traded up.I understand that you can't keep them all but i wish him well except when he plays us
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    His man friends do
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    It has become far more widespread with the advent of the internet and lunatic fringe groups spreading their vitriol.What makes it worse imo is the fact that some main stream political parties all over the world have not condemned it.Freedom of speech should not mean freedom to promote bigotry...