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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Like Meatloaf through a straw, so are the Days of a Tigers fan.
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    Don't sell Clive so short, he achieved quite a lot, his attack on WA and Mark McGowan and Morrison's support of his actions went a long way to delivering a 10-11% swing and 4 seats to Labor in the West.
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    Plans for the good life

    If you want to do recreational prospecting Victoria is a good place to be, wide range of gold fields and cheaper, in NSW you get slugged $27.50 for a yearly licence, in Victoria it will cost you $25.55 for a 10 year licence.
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    Plans for the good life

    Retiring in December, moving from Sydney to regional Victoria, wife is from Victoria and is keen to get back there, she is also a keen prospector and we will be within easy reach of all the Victorian goldfields. The wife has endured 25 years living in Sydney and the Sydney of today is not the...
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Yes it is missing JTJ, I didn't look at names when I counted them on the NRL tracker, would be helpful if they matched. (y)
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Check the NRL signings tracker, it has 29 spots filled including Naden
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    Brent Naden #256

    Yeah, his quote made it sound like Gould is planning to offload contracted players but its not that extreme, its just where their current contracts are at, his will be contracted statement should have been are contracted. JAC, Max King, Jacob Kiraz, TPJ and Arron Schoupp are the only players...
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Seriously, will you give it a rest, you are like Scomo, a schoolyard bully and you are getting very tiresome.
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    LIVE GAME Round 6 General Discussion *Spoilers*

    Really has become such a boring predictable competition, can pretty much call the top 6 already, rest just making up the numbers. Same sides, same bias, yawn.
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    Junior Reps 2022

    Thought it odd that the Tigers S G Ball had been promoted to 3rd after Saturday's results had them finishing 5th, did some investigation and it appears their round 6 Match against the Roosters (which results had them losing 12-6) was abandoned after 44 minutes due to weather and the table has...
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    Junior Reps 2022

    Harold Matts Cronulla 26 Balmain 10 Wests 42 Manly 4 S G Ball Balmain 30 Cronulla 28 Wests 40 Manly 24
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    Junior Reps 2022

    Was a mistake on the NSWRL website, they credited a 41st minute conversion as a try instead. Final result 42-4
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    E-Toll E-tags

    Transport for NSW took a while to get around to it, Transurban (Linkt) did this on June 1 and credited my etag deposits back then.
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    Should Warriors Play All Games in NZ in 2022?

    Agree with this, behind the idea provided the away games are not played at Mt Smart Stadium.
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    The Badger is now a Tiger

    Think his missus Kasey might still be in the refereeing ranks.