Luke Brooks #167

Protect him from what? He’s a capable defender.
He can make as decent tackle but his miss tackle count is always up there.
Missed 71 tackles in 16 games this year, 5 or more in 9 games.
2022 was 75 missed in 17 games.
2021 was 74 in 24 games one of his better seasons. He is still a weak defender but I don’t think the replacements will be better and I think you just have to be aware that halves are gunna miss some tackles due to they’re generally the smallest. But if they can make up for it in areas like ice the game the forwards have laid on a platter then we will all forget a dozen miss tackles.
Idk why this comment keeps being repeated. The last time DCE played less than 20 games in a season was 2017. He’s pretty durable. He’ll be 35 next season.
The 35 part has to creep up at some point , I don’t wish injury on any player but odds are in this type sport you will get injured or your luck runs out
What’s worse, Manly’s forwards or our backs?
Great swap deal right there, I mean we swap our backs for their backs.

Their forwards can stay where they are, but of course if Olakau'atu is wanting a change of scenery, I guess we could possibly accommodate that.
Correct.... DCD was on fire he's just getting better
Brooks will have a good season
I have thought all along that Brooksy would go okay over at Manly on the proviso that DCE goes well and he and Turbo are fit. With things going Manly's way Luke could really thrive.

DCE has been going really well and seems to be aging like a fine wine, although his last performance for Australia in the 30 to nil drubbing was a long way short of the standard he has been setting in recent times.

Admittedly the Australian forwards were dominated by the NZ forwards, which could be used as a reason for DCE's poor performance and could be seen as a bit of an outlier, however if Cherry Evans has more performances like that and fewer master classes like he has shown that he can produce then it could be a different story for Luke and his new team.

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